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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

'Malaya Mana Ashirwad' attack on fame folk singer Kajal Mehria, find out where the incident happened


ગુજરાતી લોકગાયિકા કાજલ મહેરીયા પર થયો હુમલો, ઈજાગ્રસ્ત સિંગરને હોસ્પિટલ લઈ જવાઈ

Attack On Singer Kajal Maheriya: Attack on Gujarati singer Kajal Maheriya in Dharpur village of Patan ... During the program some persons attacked and looted gold chain ... Kajal Maheria sustained minor injuries in the incident 

 Premal Trivedi / Patan: Well known Gujarat lyricist Kajal Mehria was attacked on Monday night.  Kajal Mehria was attacked during a music program at Dharpur village in Patan.  Some ISMOs attacked and robbed Kajal Mehria during the program.  Some items, including gold chains, have been looted.  In which Kajal Mehria has sustained minor injuries.  After which Kajal was shifted to Patan Dharpur Hospital for treatment.  A police complaint has been registered regarding the whole incident.

 After the attack, Kajal Mehria has lodged a complaint at the Balisana police station in Patan.  In which a person named Ramu Desai has lodged a complaint of assault against 4 other persons.  Ramu Desai of Digdi village is said to have attacked Kajal in view of old enmity.  Kajal Mehria was injured in the attack and his vehicle was also damaged.

 There was also an earlier attack
 In the year 2020, in the month of September, Kajal Mehria was attacked in an internal quarrel.  Kajal Mehria was killed in the incident which took place in Modhera.  Kajal Mehria went to the house of event organizer Babkhan for social work.  Singer, who went to the house of the event organizer, was attacked by Baba Khan's opponents.  The incident was shocking.

 Kajal Mehria, originally from Visnagar, was born into a farming family.  Many of Kajal Mehria's songs are famous.  These include new songs, folk songs, hymns, wedding songs, ras garba etc.  He is constantly active on social media.  She has many followers on social media.  Kajal Mehria also had a large number of followers on Tiktok.

'Malaya Mana Ashirwad' attack on fame folk singer Kajal Mehria, find out where the incident happened

The attack on popular folk singer Kajal Mehria has come to light. The attack took place in Modhera, Mehsana.

  • Attack on folk singer Kajal Mehria
  • Kajal Mehria was shot dead in Modhera
  • Attack on the singer who went to the event organizer's house

According to the information received, Kajal Mehria went to her house to inquire about the brother of the event organizer. Then suddenly the opponent of the event organizer was attacked by the opposing elements and attacked by uttering abusive words. Along with this, Kajal was also beaten.

Who is Kajal Mehria?


Please be informed that Kajal Mehria was born on 21st November 1992 in Gothwa village of Visnagar taluka of Mehsana district. His father's name is Naginbhai who is a farmer. Whether it is Kajal Mehria's new song, folk song, bhajan or wedding songs, then Ras Garba and songs are sung with four moons. They are also active in social media.

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