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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Navratri will not be held in Gujarat this year, the government canceled the Navratri festival


Big news / State level Navratri festival will not be held this time, GMDC ground will be Sunu

Gujarat government will not organize Vibrant Navratri this time. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has decided not to hold a state-level Navratri festival in view of the rising Koro transition in the state.  Navratri will not be held in Gujarat this year, the government canceled the Navratri festivalAll the arrangements made by the state government for the Vibrant Navratri Festival from October 17 to 25 have been canceled.

Every year the state government traditionally celebrates Navratri festival at Ahmedabad GMDC. Where thousands of people are taking advantage. But this year, the state government has taken an important decision not to hold Navratri out of concern for the health of the people so as not to overcrowd and increase the transition amid the Koro epidemic.

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If Garba is organized, there will be a big risk to the health of the people

Importantly, doctors have also warned that if Garba is planned, there will be a big risk to people's health. In Teva clubs, many organizers have already canceled Garba events rather than organizing party plots.

A dilemma has been raging for some time over whether Navratri will be celebrated in the state amid the Koro epidemic. Today, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has decided not to celebrate the state level Navratri festival to be held from October 17 to 25.

Nitin Patel said the government was thinking about Navratri

Uncertainty has prevailed over the Navratri festival, which has become known as the world's longest dance festival due to the Koro epidemic. The state government has not yet decided on the planning of Navratri in Gujarat starting October 17. However the government is trying to make a decision by thinking at the right time. Speaking to reporters at a program in Rupal, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said, "Khelaiya is waiting for Navratri."


 The government will consider this even when people are eager to play Navratri even among the corona. Gujarat's Garba has a prominent identity in the world but it is necessary to stop the transmission of corona in the state at a time when there is a big threat due to corona, so the government will take a decision after considering all aspects. The government is considering giving concessions in Navratri as per the guideline of Kovid 19.

Rasotsav will not be held by Rajkot's largest Sahiyar and Sargam Club group

Two young Ras Garba administrators in the city recently announced the cancellation of planning this year due to the increase in Koro transition in Rajkot. Rajkot has announced the cancellation of Navratri by the managers of Sahiyar and Sargam Group.

Garba of Gandhinagar Cultural Forum canceled



Navratri of Gandhinagar Cultural Forum, whose name is known all over Gujarat, will not be held. Announcing this a few days back, Krishnakant Jaha, Chairman, Gandhinagar Cultural Forum, said that the transition to corona is still going on and strict adherence to social discrimination is essential in the years to come. In such circumstances, the safety of the citizens is our priority and that is why Gandhinagar Cultural Forum has decided not to hold Navratri Festival this year.

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