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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

On the third day of the marriage, the wife fled with the jewelery, until the husband found out.


On the third day of the marriage, the wife fled with the jewelery, until the husband found out.

Police officers were shocked when a unique game of grabbing the groom's pockets by playing the marriage drama of marrying the bride came to light. It was said that a young man from Karachi had recently got married.

 The young man who got married did not know that his marriage was not real but a part of a drama. On the third day of the marriage, when his wife fled with jewelry under the pretext of going to the pier, he found out that he had been deceived.

Going to his wife's pier, the husband found out that the girl he was married to and his so-called family acted like a drama troupe. They create marriage drama and cheat with young people. 

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The youth lodged a complaint at the Jawaharnagar police station before the incident and the police have registered a case of treason and fraud and started investigation.

Akash Gudappa Koli, a resident of Baldevnagar in Karachi village, had lodged a complaint with the Jawaharnagar police station that a laborer named Akbar had come to my house last Diwali to paint. I told him, "I want to get married. If there is a girl, tell me." He told me that a man named Ramlal Rajput, who lives in Indira Nagar, Karachi, arranged the marriage.

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I met Ramlal but he told me that Manilal Solanki Taru of Navakhal in Anand would get married. I met Manilal but he said, "I will get you married but you will have to pay Rs 50,000." I gave him fifty thousand rupees. He took me to Ras village in Borsad taluka. In a flat in the Eklavya apartment in the village, he introduced me to Arvind Solanki and also to a young woman named Sonal.

On the second day of the wedding, he told me that I needed a lakh of rupees

I left Sonal there and his relatives kept going back home. The next day I got a call from Sonal's uncle. He told me to give one lakh rupees as you said. I'm in a bit of trouble. I made a promise so I gave them one lakh rupees in cash. After staying for two days, his phone rang again. This time he told me, I have put Mataji's obstacle for Sonal's marriage so send Sonal to meet the obstacle. Sonal was going home for the first time after the wedding so I said goodbye to her happily.

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To meet the obstacle, Sonal called Pierre and did not send him back

Sonal did not come back for two-three days so I called her mama Arvindbhai. He told me that it is the custom in our society that if a daughter comes to the pier for the first time after marriage, she is sent back only after a month and a half. Two-three days after making this phone call I went to her pier to meet Sonal. But, the door of the house was locked. Not finding Sonal and her family I checked around.

I learned from the village that, in fact, Sonal and his so-called Mama Arvindbhai work like a drama troupe. These are the artists who are deceived in the name of marriage. So far, Sonal has been married to several people and within two-three days of the marriage, he runs away with the jewelery and cash he got from his father-in-law.

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I was fascinated to see Sonal, I wanted to marry her

I was fascinated to see Sonal. I wanted to marry her. Sonal and his brother Dharmendra stay with me. Sonal's so-called mama Arvind also told me that Sonal's father has land which he has to pay one lakh rupees to redeem, so you give it. I agreed to give one lakh rupees. Sonal and I were finally married on January 20, 2020. Sonal's financial situation was not good so I kept the wedding ceremony at my house.

We were to get married simply. People including her mama Arvindbhai, mami Parul, her brother Dharmendra, Paresh alias Somo, Ramlal and Manilal came to us to marry Sonal. People from both the parties got together and got Maru and Sonal married. At the time of Sonal's departure, her mama, brother, aunt and others were crying a lot. I believed that the occasion of my daughter's departure was so natural that there were tears in everyone's eyes.

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    The marriage drama was similar to the marriage scenes played in the films

    The people involved in Sonal's wedding are also like the actors of the drama company. As soon as he came to know about the above, Akash Koli lodged a complaint at the Jawaharnagar police station.


     Akash had lodged a complaint that a young woman named Sonal had staged a marriage drama with him and fled with the mobile phone, gold mangalsutra and other jewelery he had given her. Based on the police complaint, Paresh alias Somo Panchal

    (Res. Kankapura, Borsad), Arvind Solanki (Res. Borsad), Arvind's wife Parul, Dharmendra alias Lalo, Manilal (Res. Navakhal, Anklav), Sonal (Res. Dabhasi, Borsad). Have done.

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