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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

One more fearless act: breaking the daughter's spine, cutting off the tongue; Gasdi gangrape in millet field, lost the fight against life at 3 o'clock at night

One more fearless act: breaking the daughter's spine, cutting off the tongue; Gasdi gangrape in millet field, lost the fight against life at 3 o'clock at night

  • The father says that these people are the lords of the village, these people also cut off my father's fingers before they misbehaved with my daughter
  • Police have only registered a case of murder, charged one person, no arrest has been made for ten days, even reached 5 days later to take the victim's statement

A Dalit girl who was gang-raped in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh finally lost the battle for life. He succumbed to his injuries at Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital at 3 pm on Tuesday. After the September 14 gangrape, the thugs cut his tongue, breaking his spinal cord. He was found unconscious in a millet field. Read the ground report ...

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There is a crowd outside the newly constructed building of Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. There is an old sad man sitting in a corner. People close to him have gathered. Some they know, some they don't. Some are consoling him, some are confident that his daughter Jung will win.

His daughter, who was gangraped in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras district two weeks ago, is currently on a ventilator in a hospital. His tongue was cut out. The spinal cord was also broken by the thugs. There are some deep wounds on it. His throat was strangled with a dupatta and the miscreants fled, leaving his body in the field, believing he was dead.

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He currently has none. His younger brother who has been looking after him for the past two weeks. Accompanied by Delhi Police, he went to see if the family was safe at the hospital. The father is sitting quietly next to the wall. If I tried to talk to him, he said, I can't talk anymore.

After a while they start talking. They say, these people are the Thakurs of my village. These people also had an affair with my father before he treated my daughter badly. His fingers were also cut off. Their mindset has already come. They kept threatening us, we tolerated it and thought let it go. Now he has committed such atrocities with our daughter.

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They suddenly become silent as they speak. Fear is taking over their faces. People associated with Dalit organizations try to reassure him that nothing will happen to him and his family now. However their fears are still not diminishing.

Meanwhile, his youngest son is gasping for breath. His phone has been off since noon. He did not have enough time to take care of his sister, work on the papers and move to different places in the hospital, so he stopped for a while and charged the phone. It is as if he is immediately caught talking on the phone. Some belong to relatives, some to journalists, all want to know the condition of his sister who is on the bus ventilator.

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"I haven't been home in 12 days," he said. Sister can't speak. She is just recognizing with her eyes. Occasionally makes gestures. Its position is not visible. I look forward to hearing her voice. She is fighting to the death.

“I used to live and work in Noida,” he says. I could not talk to my sister anymore. She stayed up all day doing housework. Right now I'm trying to talk to my sister so she can't speak, because her tongue is cut out. He was rushed to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi by ambulance on Monday after undergoing treatment at Aligarh Muslim University Medical College for 13 days.

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Questions are being raised over the role of the police

Hathras police have so far arrested four persons named Sandeep, Ramkumar, Lovekush and Ravi. All four are allegedly of higher caste. However, Dalit organizations allege that the police have tried to get wet in it.


An atmosphere of fear

The arrested persons belong to the victim's village and their house is also close to the victim's house. The family alleges they have already been grandfathering. The victim's brother and father say they were threatened by the accused after the incident. Now PAC has been set up in the village.

Priyanka Gandhi also tweeted outrage over the whole controversy

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