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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Shocking revelation: After autopsy study of 6 bodies of Corona in Rajkot, the doctor said, the whole lung in Corona turned to stone.

Shocking revelation: After autopsy study of 6 bodies of Corona in Rajkot, the doctor said, the whole lung in Corona turned to stone.

  • In TB, the upper part of the lungs hardens, while in pneumonia, the lower part hardens, but in the corona, the whole lung becomes stoned, the doctor said.

No vaccine or drug has been discovered for corona and the disease is so contagious that postmortem examination is not allowed. Although the forensic department of the PDU Medical College in Rajkot, the only one in the state, has been allowed to perform autopsies on corona corpses and 6 autopsies have been performed so far, the reason behind taking such a risk is to study the effects of corona on the body and improve treatment.

 In the case of the test, the head of the forensic medicine department, Dr. Hettel Kyada said there have not been enough tests to start the research, although one finding is that the coronavirus causes a lot of fibrosis in the lungs. Fibrosis if t. B. And it also happens in pneumonia but it is in the upper and lower part but fibrosis was everywhere in the corona. Yet this is only seen during autopsy, the true cause will be realized only after research.

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As the lungs freeze, the elasticity decreases and it becomes difficult to breathe

According to doctors, the lungs are the first to be affected when the body's immune system is activated to fight any virus and the side effects of the virus and the immune system's fight as well as the response to tissue repair cause fluid to build up in the tiny tubes of the lungs. And hardening which is called fibrosis. As the lungs harden, the patient has difficulty breathing and does not get oxygen. Fibrosis occurs differently in all diseases. The exact cause of fibrosis in the corona and how it is spread will be revealed after a cycle of research.

Liquid jams cause lumps

Fluid clots form in the lining of the lungs and cause the lungs to lose their elasticity and harden, which is called fibrosis. This causes the lungs to change color and sometimes fall into holes.

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Types of fibrosis as well as density vary

The lungs are very elastic and softer than fresh bread. This is why the lungs can exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. There are many causes and types of fibrosis and the stiffness and density also varies. 


The lungs have five chambers, with 2 on the left and 3 on the right. Usually fibrosis is more on the left side. T. In patients with B., fibrosis occurs in the upper part of the lungs, while in pneumonia, fibrosis occurs in the lower part of the lungs, but in patients with corona, fibrosis is found in all five continents.

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