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Monday, September 7, 2020

Suicide: Family divorces after love marriage in Rajkot

Suicide: Family divorces after love marriage in Rajkot

The couple committed suicide as they did not want their family to be reunited

Ravi Hakubhai Makwana (age 26) living in Sitaram Society near Pirwadi in Rajkot and Poonam Chandubhai Vaghela (age 23) living near Gokulpara on Santkabir Road near the quarters found iron in a room of a factory Took the ditch. Upon learning of the incident, Malviya Nagar police rushed to the spot and conducted an investigation.

 The deceased Ravi and Poonam had a love marriage a year ago. The couple got divorced a month ago after their love marriage. The two later had a phone conversation.

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 Yesterday, Ravi and Poonam left their house and strangled themselves in a room of a tile factory near Kotharia village.

The young man was divorced after his mother-in-law threatened him

Poonam's mother had divorced the couple a month ago as she did not like the marriage. Meanwhile, the society did not allow the two to unite and took the step of suicide. 

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Only yesterday, Poonam left her house in the morning. During the family's search, the bodies of Poonam and Ravi were found hanging from a factory room.


The bodies of both were shifted to the hospital for PM

Police took down the bodies of the two and shifted them to the hospital for PM. According to the family's initial inquiries, the deceased Poonam has a mother in the Ambawadi area on Santkabir Road. Poonam and Ravi had a love affair two years ago. But Poonam's mother did not like the marriage and divorced her.

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