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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Take no test, no sample, no negative report of corona of private lab game,

The biggest revelation in Divya Bhaskar's sting: the game of a private lab; No test, no sample, take the negative report of the corona sitting at home, the lab staff said- ‘We have an opportunity setting, we will get the report wherever we want’.

  • The staff of the lab said- Rs. 1500 to 2000 will be given as per the wish report
  • Even in Ahmedabad-Vadodara such dirty business, in sting
  • If the workers are positive, they will not have to pay wages for 14 days

The number of corona positive patients in Gujarat has crossed one and a half lakh. Divya Bhaskar has exposed the dirty business going on in the corona test when the record of more patients is being broken every day. Many private labs are only playing with money in the name of testing.

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 He pays the fixed amount and gives the desired result. The report does not contain any details of the test taker and no samples are taken. Not only that, the negative report of the people living in Uttar Pradesh is prepared in Surat. To expose this nefarious business, Bhaskar conducted a sting operation for 10 consecutive days, 'Give money, take the report'.

As part of the sting operation, a deal was struck with three private labs in Surat. After initially hesitating, the three labs took the money and agreed to give a negative report without testing. These labs report negative in the name of RTPCR or Rapid Test. 

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Bhaskar had demanded a negative report from five of his colleagues, calling them laborers from Uttar Pradesh. The lab took Rs 2,000 per person and prepared a negative report in two days. The other two labs even offered to pay a commission to Bhaskar's reporter. ‘You bring labor, we will make the report as per your wish and give it.’ The lab offered a commission of Rs 300 to Rs 500 per report.

Venue: Tejas Lab, Ring Road Surat Don't worry, we report 100 workers a day to many big companies Reporter: Some of our workers are coming from UP. Can be managed? Lab-Staff: Yes, but there will be a rapid test. No RTPCR. Reporter: Okay, but what if our worker doesn't come here and someone finds out? Lab-Staff: Leave it to us. We will modify the report we send to Manpa and create a report that no one will know.

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 Reporter: How much will it cost? Lab-Staff: 1 thousand for Rapid Test and 3 thousand for RTPCR. (The lab-employee then talks to his boss on the phone). Reporter: Yes, speak sir. Lab-Staff: Your work will be done, but you have to pay first and no one should know that we have reported. We also work with many Hazira companies. We make their report. 

Reporter: Will everyone be negative? Lab-Staff: In our report, we will name the person who will be really positive. You wouldn't hire him, but yes, the report would be negative. If necessary, someone's fake report will also be included. So no need to worry. (Negative report of 5 people was received from Tejas Lab on 8th September at 8 pm)

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Venue: Medical Store, Piyush Point, Pandesara

The report will be managed, add your commission too

Reporter: Show me a lab that manages my labor report.

Store-manager: Tell me what to do, we'll let you know if we can.

Reporter: We have work on the mill. Workers are coming from UP-Bihar. Quarantine is a mess.

Store-manager: Yes, it will be done. There will be a thousand of one report at will. If you want to add any commission, add it.

Venue: Ham Jyoti Pathologist Pandesara, Piyush Point, Surat

Lab's shocking offer, said - We will report four days before the workers reach Surat. Even if it is positive, there will be no more quarantine.

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Reporter: Our laborers are coming. To create a report. All should be negative.

Women present at the lab: Our work goes with another company. We are ready because you came from an acquaintance.

Lab: Report will be done but if the report is positive then quarantine has to be done for 7 days.

Reporter: There is no point in calling from outside if there is going to be a quarantine.

Lab: So what do we do? The corporation checks. Yes, one can help.

Reporter: How will you help?

Lab: Give us their names when you send a bus for labor. We will put the name in the software 4 days in advance. Then we will test them when it comes. No problem if positive, as their report will be of earlier date. You will be able to call at work after 1-2 days.

Reporter: Anything else?


Lab: If some report needs to be changed a little bit, it will be done, but if it is positive, it cannot be done negatively. If you test again, there will be trouble.

Reporter: How much will you be charged for this?

Lab: One test will cost Rs 850.

Reporter: Final. Also give discounts.

Lab: Can't. (Taking the name of a well-known company) The company gets 100 names daily. We give them at the same price. So sorry.

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