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Saturday, September 26, 2020

The husband told his wife's family, "I don't like your daughter, Divorce Rs. Give Rs 10 lakh or find another girl '


Ulti Ganga: The husband told his wife's family, "I don't like your daughter, Rs. Give Rs 10 lakh or find another girl '

  • In order to get a divorce, the husband demanded food from his wife's family
  • After five years of marriage, the couple did not get along and there were differences between the two

Normally, a girl and her family ask for food and money from the party for a divorce, but in the case of the ongoing reconciliation commission run by the Akhil Hind Mahila Parishad in Rajkot, a case like Ulti Ganga has been reported. Divorce I don't like my daughter, either give me Rs 10 lakh or find another girl. After five years of marriage, the whole affair reached the court.

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In her application to the conciliation commission, Ramita said that five years ago, she got married to a gentleman living in Pal village. Her husband whipped her for every operation. Assuming everything would fall apart over time, everything worked out for two years, but no compromise was reached and eventually the whole thing came out before the family.

 Sajjan told his parents one day that he could no longer live with Ramita. Sajjan had conditioned Ramita's family to find money for the divorce or any other young lady. (Note both characters have been renamed.)

There were several meetings for counseling, conversations with family members

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When I got the case, I was surprised to know that the young man asked the girl and her family for money for divorce. No young man can ask for money in this way. In this case, he personally counseled both of them, meeting with his family. Divorce The counseling revealed that the girl was having an affair with her in-laws, but there was a difference of opinion between the husband and wife. 


So this problem arose. Learning, thinking was also a factor for differences. It is in their best interests to grant a divorce in this case. The verdict will be given on Monday.> Dr. Bhavnaben Joshipura, Chairman Akhil Hind Mahila Parishad-Samadhan Panch

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