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Monday, September 21, 2020

The landlord can't take the extra electricity bill from the tenant

The landlord can't take the extra electricity bill from the tenant

The central government has very soon come up with a new law for electricity users. For the first time in the country, the Modi government is drafting a new agreement to protect the rights of power consumers. The new agreement also calls for tightening the noose on landlords who charge higher electricity bills. 

The new agreement also calls for the central government to tighten the noose on landlords. The central government will take stern action against such landlords in the new agreement, who are to charge higher electricity bills from their tenants. It will be illegal to charge electricity at a higher rate than the prescribed rate after the new agreement comes into force.

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The agreement was prepared by the Ministry of Energy

If a landlord sells electricity to a tenant by installing a sub meter, strict action will be taken against him. The Central Government has asked the Electricity Regulatory Commissions of all the States and Union Territories to take strict action in this regard. The Union Energy Ministry has sternly stated that no one has the right to sell electricity. In this case, the landlord will not be able to make a profit arbitrarily in the name of electricity bill.

Excess electricity bill not charged from the tenant

An official statement from the energy ministry said in recent days that the power ministry had, for the first time, drafted an agreement on rules for the rights of power consumers. 

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The Union Energy Ministry invites advice and comment on a landmark Pro-Consumer Move Draft Electricity Rules, 2020, the ministry said in a statement. Its purpose is to provide the best service and facilities to the consumers. The new central government's agreement now makes it mandatory for tenants to install meters as well.

The metro city will take a leash on charging higher electricity bills

It may be mentioned that the number of tenants is very high in many urban areas of the country including Delhi-NCR. It is often heard that the landlord charges Rs 3 to 5 per meter from the tenant at the rate fixed by the government. The landlord charges Rs 10 per unit by installing a sub meter for rent. With this in mind, necessary instructions have been issued to the Regulatory Commission in the new agreement.

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The tenant can also take the electricity connection

The new agreement also calls for a separate connection for the tenant. The tenant will get a new connection based on the rent agreement. On installing a separate meter, the tenant will be able to pay the bill at the prescribed rate and they too will get the benefit of subsidy from the state government or the central government. 


It is also mandatory to pay meter rent to the tenant. The Ministry of Energy is seeking advice from consumers on the new agreement by September 30, 2020. The agreement has been finalized following advice from customers, the ministry said.

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