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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

This man became wealthy in Corona; 29 thousand crore earned in minutes

 This man became wealthy in Corona; 29 thousand crore earned in minutes

On the one hand, the world's economic growth has stalled in the wake of the Corona epidemic, and the wealth of tech giants has been steadily rising.

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, a company that facilitates virtual meetings, has reaped tremendous financial benefits. The Zoom app took full advantage of the lockdown caused by Corona. With the company's profits soaring in the June quarter, CEO Eric's net worth rose to 29 400 million, or Rs 29,000 crore, in just a few hours.

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The company's sales rose 355 percent during the quarter

The rise in Eric's fortune is due to a surge in the company's stock after the quarterly results. On Monday, the company announced that its sales had risen 355 percent to 63 630 million during the quarter. At the same time, the company estimates that its revenue could reach Rs 239 crore in a year.

The stock rose nearly 26 percent to 410

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Shares of the company rallied after the news and the stock rose nearly 26 percent to સપાટી 410. With the help of this boom, the wealth of Eric, the founder and CEO of the California-based company, increased by 4 billion. At the same time, Zoom's CEO's net worth has increased by .8 12.8 billion so far this year.

Sharp increase in revenue of tech sector companies


Companies in the tech sector have seen a sharp increase in their revenue since the implementation of lockdowns due to the Corona virus. In particular, there has been a surge in sales of companies providing solutions to meet the needs of businesses with social distance.

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