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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tractor becomes 'time': brother of one of three sisters dies in accident in Rajkot, 'bring back my darling'

Tractor becomes 'time': brother of one of three sisters dies in accident in Rajkot, 'bring back my darling'

  • The two goddesses were on their way to do imitation work when the accident happened

A 14-year-old goddess-worshiping youth was killed in a fatal accident near a petrol pump near the old market yard in Rajkot while living in a housing board on Dudh Sagar Road. Her cousin has been shifted to hospital for treatment. 

The tractor era happened when the two brothers left home to do imitation work in a two-wheeler. The deceased was a brother of one of the three sisters and one of the parents. Arrerati was overwhelmed by the tragic cries of relatives.

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Both were going to work to help the young family financially

It was learned that Dudh Sagar Road Gu.ha. Board Quarter Street No. Rahul Uttambhai Rathod (Devipujak) (U.V.18) and his cousin Sumit Deepakbhai Rathod (U.V.16) living in 8th, doing imitation work on Sant Kabir Road and helping the family, both of them will go to work this morning as per routine. Were out. 

This time when they reached in front of the petrol pump near the market yard, the two brothers were hit by a tractor and fell on the road. Sumit was critically injured in the head and died on the spot. When Rahul was rescued with head injuries, he was shifted to a civil hospital.

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Mother's cries filled her with sadness

Upon learning of the accident, Sumit's mother Rekhaben, father Deepakbhai Shamjibhai Rathore, relatives including sisters rushed to the spot. Upon learning of the incident, the police rushed to the spot and took necessary action. The deceased Sumit was the only brother of the three sisters and was cherished by his parents. 


Parents make a living by selling bakalu. Mother, err, bring back my darling ... I was saddened by crying with such a vengeance. Crowds of people had gathered at the spot and there was a traffic jam for a while. Police cleared the way.

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