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Friday, October 23, 2020

12 hours, 1 family, 5 deaths: After killing mamaji and wife at junction plot in Rajkot yesterday, husband took fire bath with both children, all three died today

12 hours, 1 family, 5 deaths: After killing mamaji and wife at junction plot in Rajkot yesterday, husband took fire bath with both children, all three died today

Hesitant act of a husband who has lost consciousness in a divorce case with his wife

The accused will be charged with four counts of murder, two children and a wife and mama

The court was running, but there was a quarrel between the two over who would take custody of the children and a bloody game was played over the case. Imran's wife called 181 Abhayam. His Khar Rakhi incident led to a double murder. The killer Imran Pathan's mother-in-law Firozaben Murmadbhai has become the complainant. Firozaben is being questioned by police.

 Nazia Pathan called the 181 team so the team came running. Nazia, her mama Nazir and her mother-in-law Firozaben were later called to the women's police station. Imra was later attacked with a knife when the woman left the police station.

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The wife, who was settled by the court, came to live with the accused husband Imran: DCP

Rajkot Zone 2 DCP Manohar Singh Jadeja said the accused was identified as Imran Pathan. He had a quarrel with his wife. However, after the settlement by the court, the wife started living with her husband. 

Meanwhile the wife came to the mother. Imran then attacked his wife, his mama and mother-in-law with a sharp weapon, killing his wife and mama, while the mother-in-law was seriously injured and has been shifted for treatment.

The accused was in the police station with a knife though no one checked and the two were killed

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The 181 staff arrived at the women's police station with people, including Nazia. Imran left home on a bike and went to the police station. Nazia complained that her husband, Imran, was constantly beating and harassing her, while Imran told the women's police that a case was pending in the court regarding the custody of the children. 

The women police counseled both Imran and Nazia, there was a long discussion between the two parties in the presence of the police and Imran himself walked out of the police station saying he was bringing a lawyer and was standing near the gate. Imran took a knife from home and reached the police station. The police had a conversation with him, but not a single policeman took the initiative to arrest Imran.

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Killed Kaiser threw the knife down the Hind bridge

Imran had alleged to the police that his wife Nazia and mamaji had killed his father-in-law Nazir and snatched the two children from his mother-in-law on a bike to go to his home in Thorala. A police team rushed to the Kaiser Hind Bridge to seize the knife.

Police will now fill in the embedded summary

There are usually five types of summary police recruitment. It consists of five summaries including A summary, B summary, C summary. The police are filing an embedded summary in the court when the perpetrator / accused dies. Under the summary,


 the police inform the Hon'ble Court about the accused in the case, whatever the incident may have been. The person who was / was guilty in that incident has lost his life. So it is not possible to frame the charge against the deceased accused as an embedded summary has been filled.

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