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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

2 robbers attack petrol pump cashier in Dadiapada, flee after looting Rs 8 lakh

Heartbreaking robbery on a white day: 2 robbers robbed a cashier of a petrol pump 2 km in Dadiapada. Chased on the bike till, attacked and ran away robbing 8 lakhs

The robber's attack left the cashier with serious head injuries, police said

The cashier of the petrol pump in Chikda village of Dadiapada taluka has two km. Till the two robbers chased and attacked the cashier both the robbers fled after looting Rs 8 lakh. Dadiapada police have registered a case and are conducting further investigations.

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The robbers fatally attacked the cashier with a stick

Amarsingh Vasava, who was on duty as a cashier at a petrol pump in Chikda village in Dadiapada taluka of Narmada district, went out to deposit Rs 8 lakh in a school bag and deposit it in Umarpada bank. At this point two robbers on bikes snatched their 2 km. The robbers chased him and stopped the cashier, attacked him with a stick and robbed him of Rs 8 lakh in a bag. The robbers fled.

Police rush to find traces of robbers


As soon as the incident was reported, Dadiapada police rushed to the spot and the cashier, who was critically injured in the head, was shifted to Dadiapada health center for treatment and police rushed to find the trail of the robbers.

(Reporting by Pravin Patwari, Rajpipla) 

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