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Monday, October 5, 2020

A group of men looking for prey in women's clothing at night in Vadodara

Warning: A group of men looking for prey in women's clothing at night in Vadodara

Unnatural act of enticing people, police arrested 3 men who turned out to be women

In the Sayajiganj area, at night, some men dressed as women and speeded up three men who were tempting people to commit unnatural acts. In the Sayajiganj area of ​​the city near the railway station and on the University Main Road and near the accessible toilets near the Vitkos bus station and on the Kamati Bagh Road and in the Pratapganj area for some time now some elements have been enticing people and especially the youth to commit unnatural acts. After enticing people, unnatural acts are committed by taking them to a dark place or to an accessible toilet nearby.

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The investigation revealed during the patrol

While Sayajiganj police was on patrol on Sunday night, police nabbed Rajinikanth Kanjibhai Parmar (Rah Dabhoi) who was standing in a pit in front of Pratapganj police post and behaving shamelessly in the guise of a woman. 

Praveen Madanlal Thakor (Res. Kishanwadi Wood's house) and Balaji Alaji Gehlot (Res. Shrim Society Vasna) were also nabbed by the police while they were checking on the clothes of women who were coming and going near the accessible toilet near Vitkos bus station.

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Robbers on the highway rob a woman after seducing her

Even on National Highway No. 8, which runs close to the city, in many places drivers are tempted by women standing in disguise.


 In a recent incident near the highway, a truck driver was tempted to park his truck and go to a nearby dark pit when he was beaten and robbed by two men, police said. Apart from this, prostitution is also going on on the highway at night.

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