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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A madman commits murder in a pro-wife love, husband dies in front of wife's eyes

Surat: A madman commits murder in a pro-wife love, husband dies in front of wife's eyes

A man named Prem Pagal Alam, the wife of a factory owner, killed Ramu Goswami's wife and son and also robbed a gold chain after the murder.

 Surat: In Surat, another murder case has been registered in 24 hours by Surat police in Chodap in which the husband of a factory owner living in Kosad Awas at Amaroli called the harasser several times and reprimanded the acquaintance. He attacked her with a wooden stick and stabbed her in front of his wife and son. However, after the factory owner was shifted to a hospital for immediate treatment, he died tragically after a short treatment.

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While the crime rate in Surat is on the rise, murder and attempted murder cases are being registered in Surat on a daily basis, while another incident of murder has been registered in the police book in a single day. Ramu Santram Goswami, who runs a textile roll polish factory in GIDC, Katargam, Surat, lives with his family at Kosad Awas in Amaroli area.

However, two days ago, a call came from an unknown number on the mobile of Kavita, the wife of Ramuni, the owner of the factory, and asked her to give it to Pooja. But Kavita cut off the phone saying there is no worship here and will not call a second time. Kavita, who came to eat from Ramu factory, spoke of an unknown call and the call came again at this time. The call was received by Ramu and the caller asked Pooja to give the phone.

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But recognizing that it was the voice of Alam, who lived in the Ramu Kosad Awas, Ramu rebuked him. So last night Alam, along with his two friends Satla and Ali, went to Ramu's house with a paddle, a knife and a wooden stick. When the door of the house was knocked on, Ramu opened the door and all three, including Vent Alam, were knocked down with paddles, knives and blows.

A deep wound in the abdomen was expelled from my intestines with a knife, and there were also stab wounds to the neck, mouth and back. So that wife Kavita and son Ramu fell between the rescue. But the mother-son was also beaten with a wooden stick and snatched a gold chain worth Rs 25,000 from Ramu's neck and fled. 


Wife Ramu was rushed to hospital for treatment with the help of neighbors who rushed to the spot following the incident. But doctors declared Ramu dead. Amaroli police have registered a case of murder and robbery, detained two of the three and are conducting inquiries into the incident.

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