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Sunday, October 4, 2020

A student of Marwadi College had a miscarriage

Interrogation: Marwadi College student had miscarriage, police asked the virgin girl, "Is something wrong with you?" He refused to say anything.

A young woman living in the city was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after giving birth to a stillborn baby in the 7th month

A 19-year-old virgin girl, who lives in Mwdi area of ​​the city and is studying at Marwadi College, had a miscarriage at home on Sunday morning. The police struggled to find out if anything was wrong with the girl, but the girl and her family refused to say anything and the police became helpless.

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A 19-year-old girl studying in Marwadi College and living in Mwdi area of ​​Rajkot had a miscarriage after she developed abdominal pain at around 6.30 am on Sunday. Malviya Nagar police rushed to the spot when they came to know about the miscarriage.

The girl's father is suffering from a serious illness, the girl's elder brother is married, and the girl is studying in Marwadi College, she had a miscarriage in the seventh month, 

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she was questioned on suspicion that something was wrong with the girl but the girl herself became pregnant due to which person. Said no. Police also tried to persuade the family members but the family members also refused to lodge a complaint against anyone in this regard.


 The virgin girl was admitted to the hospital, who would have committed such an act ?, would it be a compulsion that the girl or her family members do not even lodge a complaint against the person? Many such discussions began among other female patients admitted to the hospital and their families.

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