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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Audio clip of a scuffle between Congress president and Seva Dal president goes viral

 Audio clip of a scuffle between Congress president and Seva Dal president goes viral

One controversy after another is coming up in Surat Congress. An audio clip between the Surat Congress president and the Seva Dal president has gone viral. In which Babu Raika is insulting Seva Dal President Dharmesh Mistry in abusive language.

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This viral audio clip has exposed the ongoing factionalism in Congress. The president of the Congress Seva Dal has been accused of saying provocative words to the son of Congress president Babu Raika. During the virtual rally held at the Surat Congress office three days ago, two extra chairs were taken away along with the luggage. 

Sevadal president Dharmesh Mistry has been accused of uttering provocative words against Congress president Babu Raika's son in a telephone conversation. Later, an audio clip of Congress president Babu Raika slapping Sevadal president Dharmesh Mistry went viral.

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Surat: Before the municipal elections, there is a rift in the chair but this time there is no dispute between BJP or Congress parties for kurti. This time the dispute has arisen between Surat city Congress party president Babu Raika and Congress Seva Dal president. The dispute between the two over the chair dispute in the office escalated to such an extent that swear words and profanity were used. The president of the service force has lodged a police complaint, while the president of the service force has also been sacked by the Congress.

A dispute between the city congress president and the service president has reached the police station. An audio of a head-on collision between an office chair has also gone viral. Dharmesh Mistry has lodged a police complaint against Congress president Babu Raika at Athwa police station on Sunday. Dharmesh Mistry has been sacked by the president as the president of the service force. The audio of Congress city president Babu Raika threatening and insulting Seva Dal president Dharmesh on the phone is going viral.

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Dharmesh Mistry said a chair dispute had erupted in the office, which led to Babu Raika abusing him and threatening to kill him, so he lodged a complaint with the Athwa police station under IPC 114 323 504 and 506 2.

After the controversy over the chair, Congress spokesperson Kiran Raika said Dharmesh Mistry had been in touch with anti-social elements and had also been violating party protocol so he was removed from office.


It is to be mentioned that incidents like fights and threats seem to have become common in Surat. That is when the babal between the city president and the president of the service force reached the police station before the municipal elections in the Congress has become a topic of discussion in the city. Such exploits of lurking elements come up every day in the city but the controversy has flared up as such a case has come up in politics.

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