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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Awesome! Have a hearty meal without even paying the bill, find out about this new age restaurant in Ahmedabad

Awesome! Have a hearty meal  without even paying the bill, find out about this new age restaurant in Ahmedabad

You can't believe that there is a restaurant in the country where you can order food from the menu just like a normal restaurant for free and enjoy a variety of dishes. An empty envelope is placed on your table when it is time to pay the bill. This envelope does not have a meal bill, but someone in your name has already paid the bill.

People come to Seva Cafe with service price

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Now you also have to pay as much as you want for someone else in this gift. Think of a restaurant that is offering this kind of facility to people nowadays where many types of tricks are adopted to make a profit. This is how Seva Café in Ahmedabad is catering to people. You can have as many meals as you want in this restaurant but you have to pay the bill as you wish.

Nowadays a man chooses restaurant business to make a profit in this business, but Seva Cafe is a different restaurant where service price is considered as religion. It is worth mentioning that this cafe has been running on Gift Economy for the last 11 years. If you are wondering what a gift economy is, let me tell you that in a gift economy you don't have to pay a bill after a meal, because someone has already paid your bill.

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 Then on the other hand you also have to pay the gift to another customer as per your choice and according to that calculation, you can pay as much as you like. By the end of the month, expenses and earnings are accounted for. And the earnings at the end of the month go to the charity fund.

The cafe is run by an NGO

It is worth mentioning that this chain has been running for a long time. Notably, this cafe is run by Manav Sadan and Swachh Seva Sadan NGOs. It is worth mentioning that this cafe has been following the Pay Forward Method or Gift Economy Medal for the last 11 years. Akaf is open Thursday through Sunday from 7pm to 10pm or until 50 guests are full.

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The restaurant is run with the help of volunteers

Let us say that this cafe is run entirely with the help of volunteers. Apart from students and jobs, tourists also work for free in this cafe. If you also want to volunteer, you can show your skills in this cafe. Cooking can be done if you are fond of cooking. If you want to serve food, you can serve food.


 If you know how to make a mess well, you can make a mess. The manager of Seva Cafe says that Seva Cafe is an idea where volunteers come and give food to the people with the spirit of guest Devo Bhava. There is no price to be paid for giving food in the spirit of Atithi Devo Bhava.

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