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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Big scandal erupts over Hathras case victim: Not one but two medical reports, contradictions in both

Big scandal erupts over Hathras case victim: Not one but two medical reports, contradictions in both

The victim of Hathras made a statement in a video while in an injured condition that she was physically abused. Eight days later, the victim's medico-legal examination from a hospital in Aligarh mentioned complete penetration in the private part, squeezing the mouth and closing the mouth. 

But now Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College of Aligarh Muslim University has ruled out the possibility of an intercourse, citing forensic investigations in its final opinion report.

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Different findings in the two medical reports

A September 22 Medico-Legal Case (MLC) report refuted the drugs by Uttar Pradesh police that forensic investigations found no evidence of rape. Prashant Kumar, ADG (Law and Order), Uttar Pradesh, insisted that no evidence of sperm / semen was found on the victim's samples. According to an MLC prepared by JNMC's Forensic Medicine Department, the victim lost consciousness at the time of the attack.

It was found that the victim's neck was pressed with a scarf. Four suspects have been charged based on the victim's statement. According to the MLC report, the victim's mouth was also pressed and he also faced an attack with intent to kill.

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These were the conclusions in the reports

The graphs attached to the findings had ligature marks of 10 × 3 cm on the left and 5 × 2 cm on the right of the victim's neck due to compression. But no injuries are reported in the diagram showing the vaginal area. However, the MLC noted that the victim had undergone "complete penetration".


Assistant Professor in the Department of Forensic Medicine, JNMC, Dr. The report, signed by Faiz Ahmed, reads "I don't know" in one section. This section was about having semen samples inside or outside body parts or clothing.

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