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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Black market of drugs: Drugs brought from Mumbai and sold in Surat, investor becomes a millionaire in 1 year

 Black market of drugs: Drugs brought from Mumbai and sold in Surat, investor becomes a millionaire in 1 year

  • There are about 500 drug carriers active in Surat
  • Careers also include young men and women from good homes

Due to the proximity of Surat city to Mumbai, large quantities of drugs are delivered to Surat. Following which a mega operation was carried out after the Surat Police Commissioner took charge.

 In which MD drugs worth Rs 1.5 crore were found. Along with which the drug chain operators have also been expedited. According to sources, the drugs are brought from Mumbai and sold in Surat. According to sources, those who invest in the drug business become millionaires in a year.

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The investor is different, the supplier is different and the seller is different

There are about 500 carriers active in Surat city. Who bring goods from Mumbai and sell in Surat. Most of them are high profile young men and women. The great thing is, in this business, there are different investors, different suppliers and different sellers. What is special is that the investor becomes a millionaire within a year.

Codewords for drugs, marijuana and marijuana

Rander's couple, who were caught with MD drugs on September 22, had the codeword Rajnigandha for drugs. While drugs are being found on different codewords in Surat city. MD drugs are also given a button codeword. While cannabis is getting on the herb codeword. Along with this is known as charas kala gold.

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Drugs are delivered to colleges and high profile young men and women

These drugs are something that a person forgets after putting two seeds of cardamom on the tongue. The carrier brings 5000 thousand bottles (smallest bottle) from Mumbai to Surat and sells them at 8000. Almost all drugs are delivered to college and high profile young men and women.

The price of 10 grams of MD drugs is Rs. 1 lakh

In the last one and a half months, the Surat Crime Branch has nabbed more than 11 accused in seven cases. In which more than 1 kg of drugs worth Rs 1.43 crore has been seized from the accused. According to the police, the price of 10 grams of MD drugs is up to Rs 1 lakh. While there are different prices for different drugs.

Peddlers from Surat bring drugs from Mira Road in Mumbai

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It is learned that MD drugs were supplied from Mumbai. A team has also camped in Mumbai and enlisted the help of the Mumbai Crime Branch to nab the masterminds in Mumbai. It is suspected that big peddlers from Surat are bringing drugs from Mumbai Mira Road. Nigerians supply MD drugs on Mira Road. Earlier, the DCB had arrested a Nigerian.


Two drug cases: 9 Mumbai-Vapi peddlers arrested

After the crime branch nabbed Salman alias Aman Zaveri to nab the entire MD Drugs channel, Sanket Asalalia then nabbed Sufian alias Baba Memon, Pragnesh Thummar, Manoj Bhagat and now Adil. In the second case, Vinay alias Bunty Patel and Rohan Jha of Mumbai were arrested. Mumbai's Usman Sheikh has also been arrested in the case.

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