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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Cannabis can be used to treat severe corona patients

Cannabis can now be used to treat critically ill corona patients, the study claims

Severe cases of coronavirus can be treated with marijuana. A new study has claimed. Researchers at the University of South Carolina in the United States have conducted three studies on marijuana in mice. However more research is needed to reach the result. And scientists have said that they are not encouraging people to use marijuana, as doing so could increase people's illness.

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But U.S. research has found that the THC substance in marijuana can treat corona patients. In fact THC can save people from a dangerous immune response. This causes the patient to suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

According to a report the problem is very important in a serious patient of corona. This has led to the death of some patients. So the first thing the U.S. study is trying to do is find out if THC can be prevented by an immune response.

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Several dozen experiments have been performed in three studies at American University. The rats were first given a toxin and then THC. It was found that the rat that was given THC survived. But it killed a rat that had only been given a toxin.


However, researchers warn that more research is needed on the subject and that it is not encouraging people to use marijuana. But researchers are now planning to start human trials of marijuana. It should be noted that the use of marijuana is legally prohibited in some states of the United States.

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