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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Crime: Mamaji's son took advantage of loneliness and raped his sister-in-law for six years

Crime: Mamaji's son took advantage of loneliness and raped his sister-in-law for six years

The whole incident came to light when Parineeta tried to commit suicide

Limbdi's man in Sakanja

One more incident of misdemeanor tarnishing family relations has come to light. The entire incident has been exposed as the victim woman attempted suicide. After registering a complaint of the victim, the police have arrested the son of the perpetrator Mamaji.

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On Thursday, a woman living in the Nanamwa Main Road area was rushed to hospital for treatment after attempting poisonous drug P suicide. When the woman was questioned about the reason for taking the poisonous drug, she was told shocking details.

 She lives with her husband, in-laws and two children in Nanamwa area. Six years ago, Kishan, son of Mamaji Mansukhbhai Solanki, who lives in Limbdi, came to work in Rajkot. And he lived with us. Kish, meanwhile, stared at himself. One day when in-laws, husband and children were not present at home, Kish had a physical altercation with her. Resisting him, Kishan forced him to break the term and committed a crime.

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 Later, when no one was at home, Kish took advantage of his loneliness and committed several atrocities. Kishan, who had been abusing his sister-in-law for six years, had fled Rajkot ten days ago. 


The woman said in a statement that she had tried to commit suicide for six years, fed up with what Kish had done. The police had registered a case against Kishan on the complaint of the victim and arrested him for tarnishing family ties.

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