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Monday, October 5, 2020

Crime: Woman leaves with new car without number plate, kills young man in Adfet


Crime: Woman leaves with new car without number plate, kills young man in Adfet

  • Family mourns the death of a pedestrian on Tagore Road
  • The deceased's brother filed a complaint

A woman, who was traveling in a new unnumbered car in front of a PWD guesthouse on Tagore Road connecting Gandhidham and Adipur, died after sustaining serious injuries after hitting a young man on foot. Has been done.

Fatal accident between Gandhidham-Adipur

Gaurav Harisinh Kushwaha, a native of Madhya Pradesh and currently residing at Siddheshwar Park in Adipur, has lodged a complaint that his 34-year-old brother Navneetbhai Harisinh Kushwaha was walking from Mundra Circle at 7.30 pm last evening when he was walking to Shriram Nursery where he works.

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 The driver of a car without a number plate, which was speeding in front of the guesthouse, hit his brother Navneet, seriously injuring his head and other parts of his body.

Mourning in a family who lost a son due to a fatal accident

Tempo driver Umarbhai Kumbhar, who was working with him, rushed to the spot along with Teod Niraj Shyamsinh Kushwaha, who rushed the critically injured Navneet to Ram  bagh Hospital in a vehicle, but the on-duty doctor said Navneet died before he could be treated. The woman driver of the car without number plate, which caused the accident, left her vehicle and fled, he said in the complaint. The family is currently mourning the loss of their son in the tragic accident.

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7 km The circle on Tagore Road and 14 cuts have been fatal

On the 7 km long Tagore Road between Gandhidham and Adipur, there are three circles from Adipur to the Gandhidham-based DPT office and there are 14 cuts but no signals, no police presence and no sign that the road is suitable for motorists. Climb up and drive which has caused minor accidents on this road on a daily basis but also fatal accidents from time to time. A 20-year-old Activa driver was killed in a jeep accident near St. Xavier's Cut.

Collector's motion control notice, drivers unconscious

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The Kutch Collector has also issued a notification to keep a speed limit of 40 kmph on Tagore Road connecting Gandhidham and Adipur to reduce the number of accidents caused by 24 hours of traffic and heavy vehicles on this road. has been doing.

Even a speedgun given to the police eats dust

Speed ​​guns have been allotted to the police and training has been given to the drivers who do not maintain the speed limit after repeated representations regarding speeding, but the speed guns are still in use today. If this speed gun is used to take punitive action against the drivers who do not maintain the speed limit, the brakes can be applied on the speed.

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How many lives will the system wake up after? : Lawyer Tolani

In order to prevent accidents on this Tagore Road in Gandhidham, the economic capital of Kutch, the road was widened, a service road was also built nearby but the service road was suppressed and despite the notification, the drivers did not maintain the speed limit and the circles on this road were not measured.


 Have been created. Which are also causing accidents. Many fatal accidents have taken place on this road and many representations have been made from the SP to the Ministry in this regard. Gandhidham legislator Narendra Tolani had raised such a question.

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