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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Fatherhood embarrassed: 13-year-old widower abuses his minor daughter

Fatherhood embarrassed: 13-year-old widower abuses his minor daughter

In Shahpur village, a case of stigmatizing father and daughter came to light

Father complains to police that he raped Sagira's daughter 7 times 9 months ago after his wife's death and made her 4 months pregnant: Chomer reprimanded

The father-daughter relationship is considered to be unconditional and most sacred. For the father, the daughter is like the apple of the eye, but in this deadly Kali Yuga, a case of stigmatizing the sacred bond of father and daughter has been found in Shahpur village of Valabhipur taluka. 

A case has come out in which a father and daughter have been stigmatized, in which a complaint has been lodged in the police book that the father-in-law made his 14-year-old daughter the victim of his lust and made Sagira pregnant eight times.

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According to the information received, 14-year-old and 11-month-old Sagira, a resident of Shahpur village in Valabhipur, has lodged a complaint at the Valabhipur police station alleging that her father had slept next to her while she was sleeping at home nine months ago and forcibly had sexual intercourse with her. If I say so, I will kill myself.


 Since then, Naradham's father has repeatedly raped her 7 times and filed a complaint against her for keeping her 4 months pregnant. According to sources, the accused's wife died of cancer 11 months ago and the accused had 12 daughters and one son and had committed adultery with the seventh daughter.

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