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Friday, October 2, 2020

From credit cards, income tax to driving license, these 10 rules have changed, you need to know otherwise it will be your turn to repent.

From credit cards, income tax to driving license, these 10 rules have changed, you need to know otherwise it will be your turn to repent.

The rules associated with the daily life of the common man have changed since October 1st. These are some of the rules that will have a direct effect on your pocket. Such as - LPG and natural gas prices, health insurance, TCS for sending money abroad. In such a situation, it is important for you to know about this. Let us know what has changed in your life since October 01

RC, physical copy of driving license is not required

The first of October has seen many changes. Especially from today if you stop the traffic police you can proceed by showing the digital document. The vehicle no longer needs to be accompanied by all kinds of documents, including a driver's license. 

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In fact, the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways has revised the Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, to promote digitalisation. Under which the Ministry is now going to implement the changed rules from 1 October 2020. Now you don't have to take your car, bike or any other vehicle with you on Thursday.

You can use mobile phone while driving but

Using a mobile while driving is prohibited but you can use a mobile if you are using navigation to see the road. But the condition is that the navigation should not distract the driver. If you are caught using mobile for any other work, action will be taken.

LPG connection is no longer available for free

Under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana (PMUY), the government provides free gas connections to the poor, but its term expires on September 30, meaning that LPG connections will no longer be available for free. Let us inform you that the Cabinet extended the period of free gas cylinder connection till 30th September. The government announced in March that it would provide three free LPG cylinders to 80 million customers in Ujjawala in view of the weak economic situation due to the Koro crisis.

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Sending money abroad will be expensive

Traveling abroad and sending money will be expensive

The central government has come up with a new rule to levy tax on remittances abroad. These rules have come into effect from 1 October. In such a case, if you send money to your child studying abroad or help a relative financially, an additional 5 per cent tax collected at source (TCS) will be paid on the amount. 

According to the Finance Act 2020, a person who sends foreign money under the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) has to pay TCS. Let's say you can send 2.5 2.5 million annually under LRS, on which there is no tax. TCS has to be paid to bring it under the tax limit.

Fresh sweets will be available in the market

The government will have to improve the quality of food and beverages available at local shops, ie your neighborhood confectionery shop. At the present time it is mandatory to mention these details on a pre-packaged candy can. New rules of FSSI have been issued.

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Changed health insurance rules

A major change is going to take place in the health insurance policy under the rules of the Director of Insurance, IRDAI. From October 1, all current and new health insurance policies will cover more illnesses at cheaper rates. This change is being made to make health insurance policy standard and customer centric. It also includes some other changes.

Now TV will also be expensive

You may have to pay a higher price if you are thinking of buying a TV. This is because from today, 5 per cent import duty will be levied on open cell panels for LED / LCD. The government has taken this step to increase the domestic production of open cell pens under a self-sufficient India. The one-year exemption on this expires on September 30.

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Credit, debit card rules changed

In view of the growing fraud in debit and credit cards, the RBI has issued some new rules which have been implemented. Banks will no longer be able to facilitate international transactions on their own cards. For this, this facility will be provided only on the demand of the customers. 

That is, from today you will only be able to use your debit card or credit card to pay with PoS (Point of Sale) or withdraw money from your ATM. Apart from this, you will be able to close or resume the transaction limit, ATM, POS and online transaction on your own. This change will apply to all existing cards, new cards or renew cards.

Rock on mixing fern oil with other oils

The food regulator FSSAI has banned the mixing of fern oil with any other cooking oil, effective October 1. According to the rules, edible oil manufacturers or processors, which have a license to produce edible vegetable oil mixed with fern oil, have been directed to sell their stock of fern oil / fern seeds or any other edible oil as blended cooking oil.


E-commerce operators will charge 1% tax

From 1 October, a new rule on tax collected at source has come into force. The new rule gives any e-commerce operator the right to deduct 1 per cent TCS on the goods and services sale. A new section 194-O has been added to the Finance Act 2020 and the Income Tax Act 1961. Under this, the e-commerce operator is empowered to levy income tax at the rate of one per cent on the total value of goods, services or both through its digital or electronic platform.

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