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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Gang rape: Vallabhpar sarpanch's son and friend threaten wife with rapist at rapist

Gang rape: Vallabhpar sarpanch's son and friend threaten wife with rapist at rapist

12 days ago, a young woman on her way to her sister's house was taken to a farm by two men on a bike and raped

The accused lodged a complaint 3 days ago threatening to kill me and my family by showing a knife

A rapist in the city of Rapar was forcibly intimidated by the son of a woman sarpanch of Valbhapar village and his friend. Parineeta had lodged a complaint at the Rapar police station alleging misconduct at a nearby farm on Trumbo Road with a knife.

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The two miscreants took the bride to the farm with a knife

According to a complaint lodged at the Rapar police station, the original rapper was married to a girl from Davari in the taluka and at Valabhapar and she lived with her husband at Anjar. Who came to the rapper's Navapara area a few days ago at his parents' house.

 According to Parineeta, while she was on her way to her sister's house 12 days ago today, Prakash Vela Makwana, son of Vallabhpar village sarpanch Niliben Velabhai Makwana (Koli) and Bharat Hothi Koli came with a bike and forcibly took the rapper to a farm near Trumbo Road. Were.

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No one came to help as there was no space

According to Parineeta in the complaint, both of them took off my clothes and raped me simultaneously. I made a fuss but there was a vacant lot and the accused threatened to kill me and my family by showing me a knife. But three days ago I told my mother all the facts before the accused lodged a police complaint against my brothers and my father. Due to which my mother and I lodged a complaint of rape against me in the office here.

Earlier, the accused had reached Parineeta's house

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Earlier also the accused had come to my house at Anjar to give me a mobile and to have a relationship with me. What I refused was that even in the rapper, those people often came after me and threatened me by showing knives, but I avoided complaining that my marriage took place in their village Valbhapar. When I finally filed a complaint against my brothers, I informed the family about what had happened to me.


The political atmosphere heated up

The rape by the sarpanch's son caused a stir in the politics of the rapper taluka and the phones of the taluka's political leaders and sarpanches rang and discussions erupted as to which village the sarpanch's son is and who is which village.

(Reporting by Dipubha Jadeja, Rapper)

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