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Monday, October 26, 2020

'Gujju Loveguru' threatens to commit suicide, 'I will commit suicide tonight, now you pay my house debt'


 'Gujju Loveguru' threatens to commit suicide, 'I will commit suicide tonight, now you pay my house debt'

Made a video of Suigam's Chandan Rathore alias 'Gujju Love Guru' committing suicide after receiving death threats

Anand Jaiswal, Banaskatha: Tiktok may have been banned in India but it has made many artists stars. One such star was born in Suigam, Banaskantha, whose name is Chandan Rathod (Chandan Rathod Gujju Love Guru). However, this Gujju Love Guru has made a video threatening to commit suicide which has gone viral on social media. 

In fact, in his opinion, he is receiving death threats after a video hurting the feelings of Prajapati Samaj. Following these threats, Gujju Love Guru (Suicide Threat to Chandan rathod) has made a video threatening to commit suicide.

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Chandan Rathore said in the video, "If someone is talking about killing me, I will not do it because I am the only support of my house. I was in debt so I did all this to pay off my home debt. I have apologized for the mistake I made but people still text me threatening me. 

I will commit suicide tonight and it will be the responsibility of Prajapati Samaj. You guys pay off my house debt and take care of my family, okay. Today I will say goodbye, I love everyone else, today my heart is very happy. ”

Chandan Rathore's video mentions that the feelings of Prajapati Samaj are saddened

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In this video, Chandan is saying that Prajapati has hurt the feelings of the society from any of his previous videos. In fact, investigating the case, it is learned that he has used a word in a video of Chandan which is insulting to Prajapati Samaj. The case had caused a stir in North Gujarat and Chandan Rathore was receiving death threats.

Famous as Gujju Love Guru


Chandan Rathore is famous in the social media of North Gujarat as 'Gujju Love Guru'. However, in his opinion, this video was made to feed his house. He claims that one of the negative words in this power of social media has forced Loveguru to die today. However, after the video went viral, information came to light that the Banaskantha police system was also in action.

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