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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Hathras: 'Naxalite sister-in-law' living in the shadow of the victim's house found, find out what shocking revelations she made

Hathras: 'Naxalite sister-in-law' living in the shadow of the victim's house found, find out what shocking revelations she made

The Hathras incident was reported in the media on Saturday that a woman was staying at the victim's house as a fake relative.  The woman was accused of being a Naxalite and inciting the family against the government.  

In the midst of all this #Fake Naxal Bhabhi also started trending on social media.  Now the woman herself has revealed her identity to the media and said that she went to show solidarity with the family.

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 Videos of the two women were going viral on social media in which she was seen talking to CPM and CPI leaders.  It is on this basis that the woman is claimed to have a Naxal connection.  The woman was identified as Dr Rajkumari Bansal, 41, of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.  He is a Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacology, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College.

 "I was stopped because my family stopped me."

 The woman said in an interview that she had gone to Hathras to meet the victim's family on October 4 and returned to Jabalpur on October 6.  The woman said I just went to show solidarity to the family.  I wanted to come back the next day but the family begged me to stop.  Today I am annoyed.  This is definitely wrong.  How can those people call anyone a Naxalite without any evidence?

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 What did the SIT say about the Naxal connection in Hathras?

 Media reports claimed that the SIT was looking for the woman but a senior police official said the SIT was always formed on a whim.  The role of the police in prosecuting the case is to be investigated.  No policeman has commented on the investigation into the alleged Naxalite link, though they have confirmed confirmation that they are in touch with Jabalpur police to verify the woman's identity.

 In the video, the woman was talking to Sitaram Yechury

 The video shows the princess talking to a joint CPM-CPI delegation that came to visit the family on Tuesday.  In the video, Sitaram Yechury is seen saying that he is seeking justice.  Agreeing with her, the princess says how can someone be buried in the middle of the night?  This can happen to anyone.  The administration should not have done that.

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 ‘I come from a poor family, I know the reality of the system’

 In another video, the princess says "I came here as a man, I don't belong to a family but I stayed here for three days… I want to fight for it." The princess said she had no political affiliation. 

 I come from a poor family and I understand how the system suppresses the weaker class… I was shocked when I read about the funeral in the middle of the night.  No media person or leader or family was allowed to meet, so I thought I should try to meet the family as a normal citizen.  

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 'Ways to stop helping'

 When the princess went to the village, Hathras police inquired about her identity.  He said conspiring against those trying to help is a way to prevent others from reaching out to those in need.  He said police have not yet contacted him.

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 'We want justice for our girl'

 The victim's family, on the other hand, says they are tired of the rumors.  Attempts are sometimes made to prove the connection between the family and the accused through call detail records.  At some point, the accused wrote a letter from the jail claiming to be the victim's friend and accusing him of beating up the victim's family members.  The victim's sister-in-law said that people come here from all over.  This does not mean that they should be abused and accused of conspiracy.  We all want justice for our girl.  ‘

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