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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Lirelira of alcohol ban: Only the one who enforced the alcohol ban in Ahmedabad got drunk


Lirelira of alcohol ban: Only the one who enforced the alcohol ban in Ahmedabad got drunk

There is a ban on alcohol in the state and it is the responsibility of the police department to strictly enforce the ban. Due to which Ther Ther desi liquor dens have started. A similar case has come to light today. Police constable Sunil Singh Chauhan, who was on duty at the Sola police station in the city, drove away late at night in a drunken state to drink tea.

 Police constable Sunil Singh was beaten up by a group of drunken men standing near a pan parlor. So they were shifted to Sola Civil Hospital for treatment. Sunil Singh had lodged a complaint against him at the Sola police station as he was under the influence of alcohol. While the police constable also lodged a complaint against the beating mob.

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The constable was intoxicated by people drinking alcohol

Sunil Singh Chauhan is on duty as a police constable at Sola police station. They were on night duty in the micro containment zone at Gota ICB Flora. At one o'clock in the night duty, they took a government bike and went out for tea. 

They went from New Gota to Chandlodiabridge where they went to Brahmani Pan Parlor. Sunil Singh was in a state of intoxication and he himself maintained social distance and grandfathered the people standing where he was not aware of the situation. So the drunken policeman was beaten to death by a mob.

The constable's complaint against the mob was taken up by the police in detail but only a general complaint of drinking was registered

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Meanwhile, people reported to the police that the police constable was beaten by others showing humanity. Police then rushed to the spot and injured Sunil Singh was shifted to hospital for treatment. 

The doctor informed the police as police constable Sunil Singh was drunk and lodged a complaint against him. So PSI MG Patel registered a complaint. Constable Sunil Singh, on the other hand, took up the complaint with one of the names of the immediate details of the drunken constable. 


So the question arises that if the policeman was drunk and did not realize how the policeman asked around and wrote down the names of all the people? So the police took a detailed complaint of their own employee while registering a complaint of drunkenness against the police constable.

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