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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Misdemeanor on one more sagira: Twice in 6 months on the sagira of Varjala of Jamjodhpur, father commits suicide due to shock

 Misdemeanor on one more sagira: Twice in 6 months on the sagira of Varjala of Jamjodhpur, father commits suicide due to shock

  • The ink of the Jamnagar gangrape has not yet dried up yet another atrocity on Sagira in the district
  • Heavy commotion in the district: Police in search of the accused
  • Threatened and abused, the father swallowed a poisonous drug when he found out
  • The complaint was filed late Tuesday night, Sept. 6

The whole incident came to light when her father came to know about the story of Sagira, who was raped twice in six months by a man from Kutiana panth who threatened her at Sagira in Varwala village of Jamjodhpur taluka. 

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On the other hand, after Sagira dared to lodge a police complaint against the perpetrator after her father's death, the whole incident came to light and caused a stir in the district, including the police force. The ink has not yet dried on the incident of gangrape in Jamnagar. The gangrape with Sagira has sparked outrage among the people of Jamnagar district.

Sagira was taken to Jamnagar district for medical check-up. G. Moved to hospital

According to the information received, Sagira, a resident of Varwala village in Jamjodhpur taluka, who turned an adult two days ago, was threatened with a knife six months ago today by a man named Ashwin Bhimshibhai Wadhiya, a resident of Kutiana panth,

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 who raped Sagira twice So threatened to kill brother and father. Sagira was silent for a while due to fear, but a few days ago Sagira's father found out about the misdeed, so he was in shock and was under constant mental stress, after which he took poisonous drugs to treat him upleta and later G. of Jamnagar. G. He was shifted to the hospital, where he died on 30-9-2020.

 The suicide was being investigated by the Jamjodhpur police. Meanwhile, the accused Ashwin Bhimsibhai Wadhiya was booked at the Jamjodhpur police station on Tuesday under Section 376 (2) of the IPC. G. Has been sent to the hospital.

Police have launched a search for accused Ashwin Wadhiya

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This incident has caused great grief in the small village of Varavala. Police have reached Porbandar panth and are searching for accused Ashwin Wadhiya. Within three days after the gangrape in Jamnagar, Sagira has been raped and her father has committed suicide.

The police force was shaken

The police have yet to reach the accused in the Jamnagar gangrape, while in Jamjodhpur, there has been a huge uproar in the police force over the rape of Sagira and the suicide of her father. Top officials of the district have rushed to Jamjodhpur and formed a team to nab the accused.

In Jamnagar, 17-year-old Sagira was raped by 4 persons after taking sleeping pills.

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Three days ago, 17-year-old Sagira, a resident of Yadavnagar in Jamnagar, was gang-raped by four men after consuming sleeping pills, in which case police nabbed three accused. After that, the fourth accused has also come under police custody. When the LCB took the fourth accused to the police station, a Cong woman hit the accused with sandals, causing panic. 

According to the information received, the gangrape took place on September 28, the complaint of which was registered five days later, in which the victim's cousin smelled the incident and spoke to the victim's mother. Sagira then dared to lodge a complaint with the police against the four men.


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