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Thursday, October 8, 2020

New twist in Hathras scandal: Accused write letter to SP calling entire case an honor killing case

New twist in Hathras scandal: Accused write letter to SP calling entire case an honor killing case

The accused in the Hathras gangrape case have written a letter to the SP acquitting themselves. And claimed that the whole incident belonged to Honor Killing. In this case, the victim's sister-in-law, mother and father said that a conspiracy is being hatched against us. When the victim's sister-in-law said that the victim was burnt. Now give us poison too. On the other hand, the accused Ramu and Raveen's mother are trapping their sons who are innocent.

Accused Sandeep wrote a letter to the SP

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The same is true of what is written in the letter. However we do not know when they met. That didn't match. It is noteworthy that the accused Sandeep wrote a letter to the SP stating that he had a friendship with the victim. I also occasionally talked on the phone during the visit. Our friends did not like her family.

The victim's brother and his mother killed him: accused Sandeep

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He further wrote that on the day of the incident, the victim called me to meet him at the farm. His mother and brother were present when I went to see him. However in the meantime the victim told me to go home and I kept coming home. And after coming home my father was watering the animal. That's when I learned that the victim's mother and brother had killed him. Which caused him serious injury. He then died.


All four of us were trapped: Mentioned in Sandeep's letter

"I have never killed a victim or done anything wrong," Sandeep said. We are innocent in this incident. My cousins ​​Ravi and Shamu are also being trapped. Also named Lovekush. All four of us are innocent and demand an impartial investigation.

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