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Monday, October 5, 2020

NPS For Traders and self employed persons 2020

Apply soon! The new government scheme will provide a pension of Rs 72,000, no worries about money after retirement

NPS For Traders and self employed persons: The government started a scheme to provide pension scheme for traders of the country. The NPS for Traders and Self Employed Persons scheme can benefit job seekers as well as farmers and small shopkeepers. NPS For Traders and self employed persons 2020 Under this scheme the applicant gets pension after 60 years.

 The best thing is that if both the husband and wife are eligible for this scheme, after 60 years they will get a combined Rs. 6000 per month i.e. Rs. 72000 per year as pension. It may be mentioned that the government has linked the Prime Minister's Labor Yogi Mandhan and the National Pension Scheme under retirement planning.

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Annual 36000 pension

Under this scheme if a person at the age of 30 is to invest around Rs.100 per month. That will contribute Rs 1,200 in a year and Rs 36,000 in a full tank. He will then contribute Rs 36,000 annually after the age of 60. After the age of 60, he will get a pension of Rs 36,000. In case of any mishap with the pension account holder, his spouse will get Rs. 1500 per month.

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How much to invest

Depending on the age of the NPS plan, the monthly installment is between Rs 55 and Rs 200. About 40,000 people have joined the scheme so far. Let it be known that EPF / NPS / SIC customers will not get the benefit. Also, if you are filing income tax, you cannot join this scheme.


What to do for the application

To apply under NPS scheme, one should have Aadhar Card and Savings Account or Jan Dhan Account. The age of the applicant should be between 18 to 40 years. Annual income should be less than Rs 1.5 crore. To apply for this scheme you have to take the document to CSC.

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