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Monday, October 19, 2020

October 20 Horoscope: Wealthy people will have a good opportunity on Tuesday, planetary conditions will be favorable for Aquarius people

October 20 Horoscope: Wealthy people will have a good opportunity on Tuesday, planetary conditions will be favorable for Aquarius people


 Positive: - Going to a religious place with family today can be a program.  At the same time time will pass in comfort.  Having any achievement for the children will maintain a good home environment.

 Negative: - Some work may be incomplete due to laziness.  So maintain your energy and efficiency.  Take any financial decision carefully otherwise there is a risk of some kind of mistake.

 Business: - There will be difficulties in making any decision in business today.

 Love: - Emotional feelings will grow in love occasions.

 Health: - Headaches and migraines will be a problem.



 Positive: - You will experience communication of full energy and self within you.  Expecting the decisions of others Give more priority to your own decision, you will achieve success.

 Negative: - Your right and angry behavior can disrupt your actions.  So control your aggressive nature and anger.  There may be disagreements with the brothers over a minor matter.

 Occupation: - There is no possibility of innovation in business conditions.

 Love: - There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family.

 Health: - People with high blood pressure and diabetes should take care of themselves.


 Gemini: -

 Positive: - Most of the time today can be spent in creative work.  Home renovations and decoration works will be outlined.  At the same time, it will be a pleasure to receive good news from any of the children regarding their careers.

 Negative: - Spending time in wrong tasks can stop many of your important work.  Which will cause stress to prevail.  Take control of your temper, for anger can ruin a little relationship.

 Business: - Business activities need more attention.

 Love: - Husband-wife relationship will be well maintained.

 Health: There will be constipation and stomach related problems.



 Positive: - Today will be spent in online shopping and fun activities.  Your interest in creative work will also be maintained.  Young people will feel relieved to receive any good career advice.

 Negative: - It is more important to keep your routine organized.  Otherwise carelessness can cause you to miss out on some important work.  It is important to keep an eye on children's activities and friends.

 Business: - Business related to media and stock market etc. will be successful.

 Love: - Husband and wife's relationship with each other will be sweet.

 Health: - There will be problems like gas and constipation.



 Positive: - There will be plans related to property transactions.  Close relatives may come to the house.  The atmosphere will be happy to meet each other lightly.  Any of your special talents can come in front of people.

 Negative: - Keep in mind that there is a risk of some dispute with the brothers regarding any inherited property.  The situation can be handled with a little caution and understanding.  Students do their studies with full concentration.

 Business: - Today will be spent in marketing related tasks and collecting payments.

 Love: - A few disputes can arise in the house due to the interference of an outsider.

 Health: - Excessive running will cause fatigue and headaches.


 Girls: -

 Positive: - It will be a pleasure to suddenly get some good news today.  At the same time, there will be plans for Manglik work at home.  Yoga is also becoming a rewarding journey, which will also provide auspicious opportunities for improving the economic situation.

 Negative: - It is necessary to maintain the home environment properly.  This is because children's study difficulties can arise.  Beware of rupee borrowing.

 Occupation: - Do not disclose too much in front of anyone in your business related activities.

 Love: - Husband and wife can't give each other time because they are busy.

 Health: - Drive carefully today.


 Libra: -

 Positive: - At such a time, both the planet pasture and destiny are in your favor.  But using it depends on your work ability.  Inherited property can benefit.  Beneficial journeys can be completed and also become a source of income.

 Negative: - Increasing costs in wrong activities and actions will not keep the budget under control.  Pay attention to this.  Avoid any kind of transaction.  Maintain proper respect for elders.

 Occupation: - Don't make any important decision in business today.

 Love: - The family atmosphere will be well maintained.

 Health: - Health will be good.


 Scorpio: -

 Positive: - Time is of the essence for buying property.  Time can also pass in religious and social activities.  The investment you are making at this time can be helpful for the future.

 Negative: - The mind will experience some unrest and stress for some reason.  Spend some time in close proximity to nature as well as meditate.

 Business: - Important deals can be done in business related to property, insurance, commission etc.

 Love: - You will make time for family even though there is a lot of work.

 Health: - Any skin allergy can occur.


 Dhan: -

 Positive: - Today you will meet an influential or political person who will be very beneficial to you.  Opportunities for advancement will also be received.  Today your work will be completed automatically.

 Negative: - Due to laziness you will try to avoid some work.  Which may prove negative for you.  Take away that problem that holds them back and you've got a sale!  Don't rely too much on friends' advice.

 Business: - Maintain good relationships with your colleagues and employees.

 Love: - It is important to take care of work as well as family needs.

 Health: - Health will be excellent.


 Capricorn: -

 Positive: - Today, a few unfinished tasks can be completed, so stay positive and concentrate on your tasks.  Receiving a payment that has been stuck for a long time can also strengthen the financial position.

 Negative: - Do not do any work related to borrowing today.  It will not help but may increase the conflict in the relationship.  There is also a state of dispute with a neighbor.

 Business: - If you are planning to partner with someone, implement it seriously.

 Love: - There will be plans for entertainment and shopping with the family.

 Health: - Problems like cough, fever will be felt.


 Aquarius: -

 Positive: - If you are planning to buy a car or property, think seriously about it today.  As such, planetary conditions will be very favorable.  Also the advice of an experienced person will be right for you.

 Negative: - It is important to control your temper.  Because not being able to work your mind out can make you feel uncomfortable.  Anger can also make things worse for you.

 Occupation: - In business activities there is a possibility of contact as per the mind.

 Love: - Consult an experienced person at home before doing any work.

 Health: - Weakness and joint pain due to fatigue and stress will be a problem.


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 Mean: -

 Positive: - Decisions made by oneself today can prove to be right.  Instead of focusing too much on what others are saying, trust your own work ethic.  If you have a dispute with a relative, try to resolve it today.

 Negative: - Sometimes your right and angry nature can interfere with your actions.  So keep your nature instinctive and restrained.

 Business: - There is a loss situation in trade today.  So be careful

 Love: - There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family.

 Health: - There will be migraine and cervical problems.

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