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Saturday, October 3, 2020

October 4th Horoscope: Today is Babbe Shubh Yoga together, excellent day for six zodiac signs including Virgo-Libra, expected work will be done, difficulties will be reduced

October 4th Horoscope: Today is Babbe Shubh Yoga together, excellent day for six zodiac signs including Virgo-Libra, expected work will be done, difficulties will be reduced


 Positive: - Today will be a good day to complete the economic affairs.  Donate to charities.  Your respect in the society will increase.  Time will pass in serving and overseeing the elders.

 Negative: - Keep in mind that sometimes your skeptical nature can cause you trouble.  Avoiding visual activity.  Be mindful of your budget when spending.

 Occupation: - Do not disclose your plans and activities related to the field of work to anyone.

 Love: - Make some fun plans to maintain a good relationship with your spouse.

 Health: - Health will be good.



 Positive: - Any long-standing concern will be resolved.  The economic situation will be good.  There will be beneficial contact with specific people.  Which will also innovate your way of thinking.  Students will get proper result in any competitive examination.

 Negative: - Trusting a person too much can also be harmful.  Think carefully about each level before doing anything.  People with a little negative activity can spread false criticism.

 Business: - Do not invest in any business related business today, the risk of loss is high.

 Love: - There will be some concern about the health of the spouse.

 Health: - Health will be excellent.


 Gemini: -

 Positive: - Most of the day will be spent in interesting literature and enlightening works.  This will also have a positive effect on your personality.  Decisions made by your understanding will make you stronger and more capable financially.

 Negative: - Take care of your budget before you get emotional and help a friend in need.  Because, that money is not likely to come back.  You may be in financial trouble.

 Business: - You may suffer the consequences of someone else's mistake in business.

 Love: - Family atmosphere will be normal.

 Health: - Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes should take special care.



 Positive: - Put energy into strengthening your contact.  This contact can open up new avenues of advancement for you.  The mind will also be happy to receive any important instruction.  The arrival of guests in the house will create a festive atmosphere.

 Negative: - Sometimes irritability and stress in nature can distract you from your goal.  Do not lend money today under any circumstances.  After all, your financial situation is not much better.

 Occupation: - There may be difficulties in making any kind of decision in the field.  Seek the advice of an experienced person

 Love: - Marriage will be sweet.

 Health: - There will be a state of drowsiness and fatigue.



 Positive: - A positive attitude towards life will increase your confidence and self-confidence and will also make you feel at work.  It will be a great pleasure to meet a loved one and talk to him.

 Negative: - Excessive workload on you can cause trouble for you.  The work may not even be completed on time.  Get your important work done early in the day.

 Occupation: - Keep an eye on the activities of employees and associates.

 Love: - The family atmosphere will be pleasant.

 Health: - You will be physically fit and healthy.


 Girls: -

 Positive: - Today you will be able to find a new way to benefit through the burning of your intellect and efficiency.  Have faith in your karma and destiny.  Suddenly you will meet a few people who will be helpful in your upliftment.

 Negative: - There may be a problem with the marriage of any member of the household.  Which will cause a slightly worrying atmosphere.  At the same time, the issue of inheritance is likely to arise.

 Occupation: - Today the planetary position is completely in your favor.

 Love: - Maintaining balance in home and business will make your relationship sweeter.

 Health: - Health will be good.


 Libra: -

 Positive: - This time your destiny is strongly supporting you.  Utilizing your time to the fullest depends on your efficiency.  Your dedication to your work and the collaboration of a few special people are creating beneficial conditions for you.

 Negative: - Exercise extra caution when engaging in any important conversation.  After all, you may say something that you will regret.

 Occupation: - Before doing any work, it should be reconsidered.

 Love: - Spend some time of the day with the family in recreational activities and also at dinner etc.

 Health: - Fatigue will prevail.


 Scorpio: -

 Positive: - Today the limit of meeting and social activism with important people will increase.  It will teach you a few new things about success.  The speed of time will be completely in your favor.

 Negative: - Do not allow any kind of controversy to arise.  It will have a negative effect on your self-esteem.  Improper and meaningless tasks can make time worse.

 Business: - Contacting politics and important people will create new agreements and orders for you.

 Love: - A good atmosphere will be maintained in the family with each other.

 Health: - There will be constipation and flatulence.


 Dhan: -

 Positive: - Resolving any worries related to the child's career and education will bring relief.  It will be better for you to have more faith in your karma.  Any work related to the division of property will be solved with the help of another person.

 Negative: - Decisions made in spirit and generosity can be detrimental.  So it is imperative to overcome their weakness.  Excessive anger can damage your health and function.

 Business: - Exercise caution when dealing with new parties and new people in the business.

 Love: - Family happiness and peace will be maintained.

 Health: - Physical weakness and joint pain can be a problem.


 Capricorn: -

 Positive: - Working with your discretion and ingenuity today will be beneficial for you.  You will be happy to have a friend or a close relative come to you suddenly.  Feel free to remove any difficulties related to students' education.

 Negative: - For some time now you have been being told to change your skeptical nature.  Think over the situations peacefully.  There will be tension over any inherited property case.

 Business: - You will have control over business activities.

 Love: - Ignore the big and small things of the house.

 Health: - Health will be excellent.


 Aquarius: -

 Positive: - Will be able to keep today's routine in order and complete tasks through full diligence and concentration.  Political contact will also be strengthened.  Students will be fully focused on their studies.

 Negative: - A state of doubt may arise in the mind regarding any negative things.  Which will make the mental state a little worse.  Keep in mind, this is just a superstition.

 Business: Don't let your domestic worries and negative thoughts dominate the business.

 Love: - There will be harmony in home and business.

 Health: - A few negative thoughts will dominate you today.


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 Mean: -

 Positive: - There will be a plan to complete any good work at home.  If any government work is stuck then work hard to complete it today, success will be achieved.  Time will also pass in spiritual and Dharma-karma related activities.

 Negative: - The mind will be disappointed if any negative thing is reported to the children.  But try to solve problems peacefully because of anger.  That fact must be taken into account. "

 Occupation: - You will have influence in the workplace.  The advice of an elder in the home will be a blessing in disguise.

 Love: - Paying more attention to your personal affairs and not spending time with your partner will make a difference in the relationship.

 Health: - Health will be good.

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