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Sunday, October 4, 2020

On the way from Rajkot to Ahmedabad, the body of a stranger was found under the bridge of Aji river

Body found: Body of unknown person found under bridge of Aji river on the way from Rajkot to Ahmedabad

Police shifted the body to the hospital for PM and conducted a search of the heirs

The body of an unidentified person has been found under a bridge over the river Aji on the way to Ahmedabad Highway from Bedi Chokdi in Rajkot. The police rushed to the spot and seized the body. 

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Police have shifted the body to the hospital for PM and are conducting a search for the next of kin. Police have found a mobile with 2 keypads and 1 Android phone from a stranger.

Murder, suicide or accident?

Police are investigating whether a stranger was killed or a body was dumped here or committed suicide. Police have also expressed suspicion that a stranger died in the accident. The stranger is said to be a native of Chauhan in Sujangarh in Churu district.

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An Audi car collided with a cow late at night

An Audi car collided with a cow late last night near the Hareram Harekrishna temple on Kalavad Highway in Rajkot. The cow died on the spot and the driver was seriously injured. The driver was shifted to hospital for treatment. The driver lost control of the steering wheel as he tried to save the cow from falling into the oncoming car.

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