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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Patidar leader Durlabh Patel suicide case in Surat: Crime branch finds important evidence regarding three accused out of custody

Fugitive / Patidar leader Durlabh Patel suicide case in Surat: Crime branch finds important evidence regarding three accused out of custody

Quarry owner Durlabhbhai Patel, a Patidar leader of Khanjaroli village in Mandvi of Surat district, committed suicide in his own quarry. Since then the investigation of this case has been the subject of much discussion in the city for other reasons. 

The three accused in the case are still out of the custody of the crime branch while evidence has been found that the accused fled abroad. Earlier, some policemen were suspended in connection with the case while a complaint was registered against 11 people, including another policeman, including the PI of Rander police station.

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  • Rare Patel suicide case in Surat
  • Still three accused out of the clutches of the crime branch
  • Evidence was found that the accused had fled abroad

Three accused in the suicide case of Patriar Quarry owner Durlabhbhai Patel of Khanjroli village in Mandvi of Surat district are still out of the custody of the crime branch. Now the crime branch has found evidence that the accused have fled abroad.

The crime branch has received evidence that the three main accused in the case, Hetal Desai, Kishore Kosia and Kanaya Narola, have fled abroad. However a Red Corner Notice will be issued by the Crime Branch based on the evidence. These three accused are the main culprits of the whole incident.

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Patidar protagonist of Surat city and quarry owner Durlabhbhai committed suicide within the limits of Mandvi police due to mental stress over his land.

The crime against 11 people

Laxman Singh Bodana (PI),

Kiran Singh (Writer),

Rajubhai Lakhabhai Bharwad (Laskana),

Hetal Desai (Vesu),

Bhavesh Karamsinh Savani (Katargam),

Kanaiyalal Narola (Katargam),

Kishore Bhurabhai Koshiya (Athwa),

Vijay Shinde,

Mukesh Kulkarni,

Ajay Bopala,

Other staff of Rander police

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What is the rare Patel suicide case?

The body of Durlabh Patel was found from a quarry in Khanjaroli village of Mandvi in ​​Surat

The body of Durlabh Patel was recovered by the local swimmer, Fire Brigade

Durlabh Patel's letter was found during an investigation in the office

The PI of Rander police station was mentioned in the land deal of Adajan

PI and police staff men, accused of threatening the land mafia

Mandvi police had registered a case of incitement against 11 including PI

Durlabh Patel was the owner of Jalaram Stone Quarry

Durlabh Patel's land deal was for Rs 24.03 crore


The deal was struck with Star Group owner Kishore Kosia

Durlabh Patel made the deal in 2014

As per the deal, Rs 18 crore in cash and Rs 3.09 crore in checks were issued

Kishore Kosiya had income tax raids there

Incometax was informed about Durlabh Patel's land deal

Incometax had issued a notice to pay Rs 8.49 crore to Durlabh Patel

Due to misinformation of Kishore Kosiya, there was a controversy over the payment of money to Durlabh Patel

Kishorebhai confessed to paying the money at that time

In February 2019, Rander PI Laxman Singh Bodana called Durlabh Patel and threatened him.

Raju Lakha Bharwad, Hetal Natwar Desai also threatened

Bhavesh Kamarshi Savani was also there at that time

Overnight, Durlabh Patel was threatened and made to write


On February 4, 2020, 4 policemen came to Durlabhbhai's house again

Durlabh Patel's son had lodged a complaint with the Surat police commissioner

Raju Bharwad, Hetal Desai, Mukesh Kulkarni signed the SATA deed on February 18, 2020

Durlabh Patel committed suicide by sending a notice to the PI

Durlabh Patel handed over the letter to the quarry manager

The letter asked to be given to his son

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