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Monday, October 12, 2020

PM Narendra Modi issued a coin of 100 rupees by virtual program today

PM Narendra Modi issued a coin of 100 rupees by virtual program today

Today, PM Narendra Modi has released a coin of 100 rupees by the virtual program. This coin PM Modi has issued the honor of Sindiya Rajya. Vijaya Raj is known as the Queen of the Sindiya Gwalior. The 100 rupees coin Vijaya Raj has been issued on the centenary century. This memory of 100 rupees has been prepared by the Ministry of Finance. Apart from the family members on the work of this coin from PM, people from other parts of the country participated in this program.

Tributes to #RajmataScindia on her Jayanti.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 12, 2020

Both side of the 100 rupees issued by the Finance Ministry have been specially designed. On one side of this coin, the kingdom is a picture of the syndrome. At this, in the upper part, Hindi has written, 'Mrs. Vijaya Raj Sindi-born centenary'. The following is written in English. This side of the coin is written in the year 1919 and birth centenary 2019. 

India is written in Hindi and English on the other side of this coin. On the other hand of coins is a symbol of Ashok column. This side is written down to 100 rupees. By letting, Tykararaj in the Gwalior kingdom, Vijayaraj was the leader of the synthesis. It was one of the founder members of the Bharatiya Janata Party. They are believed to be one of the big faces of BJP and raised much noise on Hindutva issues. It was. 

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Rajasthan's Eastern Chief Minister of Pharaoh Ki Sindia and Madhya Pradesh Kibnetta Yashhmahara Raj, Sindia Vijaya Raj is the daughters of Sindhya and the Rajya Sabha MP Jyotiradaditya is the grandson. Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Minister Yashuphara Raj, Sindhya expressed his thanks by Twitter, which was a Madhya Pradesh Minister Yashuphara Rajya Sindhya, who was a Memorial of Memiticine.

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