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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Police gave life: decided to commit mass suicide due to harassment of usurers, also wrote suicide note, police showed the way to live

Police gave life: decided to commit mass suicide due to harassment of usurers, also wrote suicide note, police showed the way to live

  • When the widowed mother and two daughters had no hope of survival, PI became a brother and gave new life.

I am 28 years old, my mother and my younger sister live in Hanumanmadhi area, my father used to trade in Soni Bazar, he passed away a year ago and became a Nodhara, a man doing business with my father started raising business money, millions of rupees We started talking about wanting, we didn't know anything, the person started threatening us to collect money.

 I used to make a living by taking farsan from wholesale and selling it at retail. The usurper's collection was unbearable for us. I paid him Rs. 45,000 per month as interest. Taken away, he complained when a check was returned, the harassment was increasing day by day, the fear that the police would catch us when the check return was complained, 

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the fear that I was constantly harassing my younger sister and mother. We were staying at home for three days, if any vehicle came out of the house we thought the police would have come and caught us, after spending 72 hours in danger we decided to commit mass suicide.

'The police didn't expect me to help'

I wrote a suicide note at night, and made up my mind to commit mass suicide the next morning, talking to a friend of mine who once told me to go to the police, I didn't expect the police to be of any use, but to try once before leaving the world. I reached Gandhigram police station at 1 pm, I talked to a policeman present there, he asked me to give proof that I am paying interest, I was more frustrated to hear him talk, and he was thinking of going home and committing suicide. 

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Just then the police station with PI KA came to his chambers, I went to him to make a presentation, I didn't know anything, I started crying, the gentleman told me to tell you what problem you have in crying son, I narrated my story and collectively Asked to commit suicide.

The police called the usurer to the police station and explained

After listening to me, the PI man said, "Sister, go home now, no one will come to you worrying. The PI man called the usurer to the police station and the person who told us not to ask for money considering our condition will never collect any more." Assured, I told the PI, God has not given me a brother, 


but from today you are my brother, I will come to Rakshabandhan and bind you in ashes wherever you are in the city during your duty. There are many misconceptions in the society about the police, but I can now say with confidence that if the people have any misconceptions, they should keep their word to the police and they will get a good solution.

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