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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

વડોદરા PM મોદી સંબોધન LIVE:મોદીએ ફરી શાસ્ત્રીપોળને યાદ કરીને કહ્યું: 'જેમ બાળકને મા સાચવે એમ વડોદરાએ મને સાચવ્યો, એ ક્યારેય નહીં ભૂલું'

Vadodara PM Modi's address LIVE: Modi again reminded Shastripol and said: 'Vadodara saved me as mother saves child, I will never forget that'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi left Pavagadh and reached Vadodara. Where Prime Minister Modi was welcomed at the airport. He then reached Leprosy Maidan from Vadodara Airport, where he sat in an open jeep and was greeted by the public. Earlier, Modi also greeted the people standing in the road while sitting in the car. It started raining after Modi's convoy left the airport. He also occasionally spoke in Gujarati during his speech in Hindi. In his speech, Modi once again reminded Shastri Pol of Vadodara. Divya Bhaskar had recalled the memoirs between Modi and Shastri Pol just two days ago.

PM Modi's address

Today is the day of Mother Vandana for me.

I have worked with Mataji for the happiness and prosperity of the countrymen. I am happy that a development project worth Rs 21,000 crore has been inaugurated and finalized from Sanskarnagari Vadodara.

The development and empowerment of women is essential for the development of the 21st century. Our government has opened the door for women to do selective work.

I am happy to have the opportunity to serve my mother and sisters, I congratulate you all.

Vadodara is a city of culture, this city offers opportunities to all people, this city sometimes saved me too. I was also nurtured

Come to Vadodara, it means everything is old, brother, Vadodara has saved me in such a way as to save the child, I will never forget the contribution of Vadodara in my life.

I will never forget places like Shastripol, Rawapura, there are so many memories like Dabhoi, Padra.

Come to Vadodara and forget the green Chewdo and Bhakharwadi

When I contested the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, I was blessed at the Navnath and Kashi Vishwanath temples in Vadodara.

Congratulations to Bhupendrabhai for launching Rs 800 crore CM Matrushakti Yojana

Swami Vivekananda, Maharshi Arvind, Vinod Bhave, Baba Saheb Ambedkar have also been inspired by this town.

It has been decided to celebrate the month of September as Nutrition Month, so that mothers will get nutrition

Just now Bhupendrabhai told me that we provide tap water from house to house

About 70 per cent of currency borrowers are my sisters.

One and a half lakh people have got pucca house, this house is in the name of sisters, I try

Today, Vadodara has received Rs 16,000 crore for railway connectivity

There is a green wave in your Vadodara, if a guest comes, take him to Maa Kali in Pavagadh, take him to Kevadia, let the world know how far we have come. This Vadodara man has all five fingers in the ghee, father

Preparations are underway for two new green airports in Gujarat. 25 projects have been sanctioned to make Vadodara smart, out of which 16 projects have been completed

The country's first railway university, also located in Vadodara and its area as Gati University is also taking place in Vadodara.

Modi sat in an open jeep and covered 1.25 km again

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a gathering of people from five districts at the Leprosy ground amid tight security. The Prime Minister inaugurated the projects worth over Rs 21,000 crore at the meeting. Earlier, he was greeted by people sitting in an open jeep in the dome.

It may be mentioned that the country is currently going through a festive season and in the coming days there will be continuous festivals, in which strict measures may be taken once again by the government.

 LIVE જોવા માટે ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


Although corona cases are currently on the decline, the government is constantly appealing to the public as part of a precautionary measure that the market could be crowded due to the festival.

Besides, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held discussions with the Chief Ministers of the states several times during the Korona period. Just a few days ago, the Prime Minister held a meeting on the ongoing corona vaccine trial in the country.

For the first time in three months, Corona's daily cases have dropped the most in the country, according to the Covid-19. This is the first time since July that less than 47,000 cases have been reported in Corona in 24 hours.

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