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Friday, October 2, 2020

Which Congress leader was caught gambling in Rajkot? Find out how much money the police confiscated?

Which Congress leader was caught gambling in Rajkot? Find out how much money the police confiscated?

Police seized Rs 82,000 in cash and a total of Rs 1,15,000 from the accused.

Upleta: In Saurashtra, gambling is not only played for the month of Shravan but for twelve months. Although gamblers are frequently caught by the police, there is no change. Rajkot's Upleta police raided the gambling den and snatched big heads. 82 thousand cash and a total of 115000 items were seized from them.
Police on a tip-off nabbed the big head of the Upleta Congress for gambling. Among them were Upleta Congress president Krishnakant Chontai, Nagarpalika member Bhayabhai Vasara, Nagarpalika's former opposition leader Naranbhai Chandrawadia and six others.

The arrest of the Congress president, including a member of the Upleta municipality, has become the talk of the town. Police seized Rs 82,000 in cash and a total of Rs 1,15,000 from the accused. Upleta police have launched legal action in this regard.

Proceedings: 5 gamblers were caught from the border of Bhadravadi village of Botad taluka, police recovered Rs. Mudamal captured 14,590

Police raided the seam of Bhadravadi village on the basis of previous information and arrested 5 gamblers for gambling in public. Prompt action has been taken with 14,590 cases.

 While Hiteshbhai Solanki, Shivrajbhai, Ma Jayeshbhai etc. of Botad police station were on patrol on September 30, at 7.15 pm, based on an earlier report, 5 gamblers were caught gambling in public in a vacant lot near Shantibhai Punjabhai's farm in Bhadravadi village.

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 In which Gopal Devjibhai Kanetia, Babu Parashotambhai Kanetia, Shanti Punjabhai Makwana, Vijay Himmatbhai Makani, Lalji Dhirubhai Makani (all live in Bhadravadi Ta. G. Botad) were arrested by the speeding police for Rs. Mudamal of Rs 14,590 has been seized and criminal proceedings have been initiated.

10 caught gambling in Bhayavadar

Muddamal worth Rs 4.76 lakh was seized

The instructions and guidance given by Inspector General of Police, Rajkot Range, Sandeep Singh and Superintendent of Police, Rajkot Rural, Sagar Bagmar Nao to eradicate alcohol and gambling activities were followed by LCB Branch, Rajkot Rural PI.

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 While AR Gohil was patrolling in Jetpur division area with police staff, on the basis of information received privately by police constables Divyeshbhai Suva and Nileshbhai Dangar, raiding in Bhayavadar area Age 30 years Bhayavadar against high school ground, Deepakbhai Ratilalbhai Kalaria himself Patel age 53 years Cash Sheri Bhayavadar, Sukhdevbhai Ghanshyam Bhai Solanki himself Barot age 46 years Swaminarayan Society Upleta, Mohammad Siddiqbhai Patta Jate Sandhi Karmur himself lives to be 35 years old

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Upleta near Kailash Nagar Kala Nala, Alpesh Karasanbhai Suva himself Ahir Umar 29 years old At the age of 28, Kalaria was caught gambling. While Raviraj Singh Anopsinh lives in Chudas, Sukhnath Mahadev temple Bhayavadar is yet to be named. A total of Rs 4,06,000 / - in cash including mobile phone No. 8 worth Rs 70,500 / - was seized from 10 persons. 



PIAR Gohil Police Head Constable Ravidevbhai Barad, Anilbhai Gujarati Police Constable Divyeshbhai Suva, Rahimbhai Dal, Nileshbhai Dangar, Kaushikbhai Joshi and driver Amubhai Veerada of Rajkot Rural LCB were involved in this operation.

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