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Monday, October 19, 2020

Protest: 15 days for construction of railway track in Surat could not be maintained

Protest: 15 days for construction of railway track in Surat could not be maintained

Farmers said that prices were not given as per the market and even ready-made crops were not allowed

Land acquisition of Goods Train Corridor is underway in the area from Umra to Udha Division. Farmers have been fighting for land up to the apex court in protest of land acquisition, in which the apex court has ordered farmers to pay Rs. The DFTC company has started operations after a fight to the District Collector, High Court and Supreme Court. 

The bulldozers are being used in the fields from today, protesting against which the farmers said that as per the guidelines of the Supreme Court, we are being given only Rs. 2200 to 2500 instead of the market price of Rs. 15700. In 15 days after the start of the sugar factory we take the cane and start the operation, but no one is willing to listen to our presentation. Said from the company that we have occupied by fighting a lot. Now that we have land, we can work on it.

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The fight has been going on for three and a half years

Anant Kumar Patel said that for the DFCC project, 70 to 80 acres of land from Umra to Udhana has been set aside for reservation of farmers' land. About 100 farmers for the Goods Corridor ran the matter in the High Court for three and a half years. We went to the Supreme Court after our application for compensation at market price was later rejected.

 The case lasted there for about two years. At present, the payment has been ordered by the Supreme Court as per the new market price. Instead of Rs 15,700, we are being paid Rs 2,200 to Rs 2,500 by the railways. The Bullet Train project has paid more money to farmers and done us injustice.

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If we had been given 15 days, the crop could have been taken

Farmer Dhansukh Patel says sugar is to start after 15 days. We have had to endure a lot in the current lockdown. At present, the standing crop of sugarcane is ready. Sugar will start after Dussehra. We requested that you give us a few days so we can take the crop, but none of our representations have been heard.

We have also paid extra rupee - Authority

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R. That. Shridhar (Deputy Chief Projector) said that we have got the possession. We are doing this work on our land after giving rupee. 


 An additional Rs 29 to 30 crore has also been provided. We have given the award to the farmers as per our rule. Now we are on our land. Farmers can still complain if they object.

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