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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Rain in Saurashtra: Half an inch in Dhari, thunderstorm in Girgarhda, a coconut tree burns due to lightning, a young man dies due to lightning in Adapur of Palitana

Rain in Saurashtra: Half an inch in Dhari, thunderstorm in Girgarhda, a coconut tree burns due to lightning, a young man dies due to lightning in Adapur of Palitana

Following the downpour, the road was flooded again

It has been raining in Saurashtra for the last 3-4 days.  Crops including groundnut, cotton and sesame are being damaged due to this.  Half an inch of rain has fallen in Dhari today.  It started raining in Gir Somnath and Amreli districts since morning.  A coconut tree was struck by lightning in a farmer's field in Anjar, Una. 

 A young man has died after being struck by lightning on a hill in Adpur village of Palitana taluka of Bhavnagar.  A young man working as a laborer on a hill was seriously injured when lightning struck.  The youth was shifted to Palitana Mansinghji Hospital.  Here the doctor on duty examined the young man and declared him dead.

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 Heavy rains continued in Girgarhda panth since morning

 Heavy rains along with thunderstorms in Girgarhda panth had caused water to flow from the roads.  While Girgarhda, Dhokdava, Kandhi, Pada, Bedia, Nagadia, Mota Samadhiyala, Mohobatpara, Shannavakia and other rural areas are receiving heavy rains with thunderstorms.  However, rivers, ditches and dams were flooded again due to heavy rains in the upper reaches of Gir forest.

Due to the rains, it is the turn of the farmers to suffer more damage to the standing crop.  In Anjar village of Una, a tree was set on fire by lightning on a coconut tree in Dhirubhai Jagabhai Babhaniya's farm.  On the other hand, heavy rains fell in Talala's Dhawa, Akolwadi, Surva, Jabur and Madhupur.

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 Damage to crops including peanuts and cotton

 It rained in Padapadar, Dhokadwa, Shanawakiya, Mota Samadhiyala and Mohabatpara of Girsomnath district.  So the world is in trouble.  Currently, there is widespread loss of groundnut and cotton crops, adding to the woes of farmers.  Because at present the farmers are extracting groundnuts, as well as the cotton weaving is causing huge losses to the farmers.  Amidst the Corona epidemic, farmers are not getting nutritious prices.

 Heavy rains in Amreli district

 Rajula, Dhari and Babra panths of Amreli district have received non-seasonal rains.  In the afternoon, half an inch and a torrential downpour in the surrounding villages, including Rajula's Dungar, caused water to flow on the road.  At the same time, the atmosphere became cold.

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 Slow rains in Bhavnagar district

 Palitana and rural areas of Bhavnagar district have received light rains in the afternoon.  Slow rains have started in Palitana's villages including Gheti, Dudhala, Nanimal, Kanjarda, Adpar.  Farmers are worried about crop failure due to rains.

 Rainstorms in Mahuva taluka

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 Villages including Karela, Bordi, Sedarda, Rajavadar in Mahuva taluka have received heavy rains.  The crops are being prepared in the fields which has worried the farmers.  The rains will damage crops like groundnut, cotton and millet.  At the same time, farmers are worried about the growing pest infestation in the cotton crop.

 (Jayesh Gondhiya-Una, Jaydev Varu-Amreli, Raju Basiya-Babra, Bharat Vyas-Bhavnagar)

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