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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Rape: In Vadodara, a young man repeatedly raped a young woman for 2 years, threatening to kill her.

 Rape: In Vadodara, a young man repeatedly raped a young woman for 2 years, threatening to kill her.

  • After divorcing the girl and keeping her at home for 2 years, he refused to get married
  • The young man kicked the victim out of the house after he fell in love with another girl
  • The victim lodged a misdemeanor complaint against the youth at the taluka police station

A complaint has been lodged at the Vadodara Taluka Police Station alleging that a young man living on Vasana-Bhayali Road in Vadodara had lured the girl into marriage and kept her at home for 2 years. Police are conducting further investigations based on the complaint.

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Young men and women working in the same company fell in love

Abhishek Hiteshkumar Thakkar, a young woman from Vadodara and a resident of 103, Divine Harmony Society, Vasana-Bhayali Road, Vadodara, was working in a private company in Alkapuri area. 

Meanwhile, a friendship developed between the young woman and the young man Abhishek. The friendship between the two resulted in love. Abhishek then lured the girl to his house and raped her from May 2, 2018 to September 13, 2020.

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I was married, it broke up my marriage life by getting me divorced

"Abhishek and I used to work together in a company in Alkapuri," he said in the complaint. We’ve both known each other for two years. We were both friends at the time. I was married. Abhishek divorced my husband and broke our happy marriage by showing me big dreams. I was kept for eight months in a rented house in Manjalpur at the house of the accused's aunt. 

The people of Abhishek's house got into a fight when they heard about our friendship. However, Abhishek ran away and took me to Goa on April 24, 2018. When I asked him about marriage, he said, "We will not have a bad relationship at the moment. We will go to Vadodara first and get married. I am the only son of one of my parents. Called home.

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    Abhishek forcibly had sex with me

    My name was also changed after I went to Abhishek's house. When I was talking about marriage, he asked for some time and said, if you have come to our house as a bride, then marriage is bound to take place. So I trusted him. When Abhishek talked about having a physical relationship with me, 

    I said, "When you asked me to have a relationship after marriage, he said, 'Marriage is understood.' Abhishek forcibly had sex with me despite our repeated refusal to perform the ritual. I repeatedly asked Abhishek about marriage but he did not answer and raped me against my will.


    I used all the income I earned in my life behind it

    I took full responsibility of the house, did the housework and also gave him my salary of 25 thousand rupees. The EMI of the house where he lost his job was also paid from my salary and running the house. I have used all the income I have earned in my life behind it.

    Falling in love with another girl drove me out of the house

    On September 13, 2020, I found out that Abhishek had a love affair with a young woman working for us and wanted to marry her. So when I asked Abhishek about this, he told me that I am not going to leave the girl. If you want to stay, stay, if you want to go, go. Where have I married you? 

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    There were daily quarrels between the two of us over this matter, he would not talk to me, then on the road of 20th September Abhishek threw me out of the house with all his belongings. And even threatened to kill himself. So I was terrified. So in this case, a misdemeanor complaint has been registered against Abhishek Thakkar at Vadodara taluka police station.


    Police registered a case and started searching for the accused

    Police have registered a case against the accused youth and are conducting a search. Taluka Police Station PSI R.K. Rathwa is investigating the case.

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