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Friday, October 9, 2020

Shameful: 12-year-old girl raped in Navsari, cousins ​​charged with gangrape

Safe Gujarat? / Shameful: 12-year-old girl raped in Navsari, cousins ​​charged with gangrape

While the Hathras incident is still shaking the country, a 12-year-old girl in Navsari has been gang-raped by her own cousins. Where do girls go if they are not safe?

  • Mass rape with 12-year-old daughter in Navsari
  • Only the cousins ​​committed the crime
  • Police arrested the three youths

Even if family members or relatives are trusted, there are instances of close associates in cases of sexual harassment and rape of a daughter. In Khergam taluka of Navsari, three cousins ​​have committed a crime and got into a legal battle.

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A police complaint of rape has been registered in Khergam taluka of Navsari district. The 3 ISMOs who have been raped have been in conflict with the law, although such a thorn in the side at an early age is proving fatal for the society and the family.

It can be hard to trust people close to you. After entering the house of the girl, one after the other, Issam started harassing the girl and started going about her daily life as if she had not done any act, but all the cousins ​​came out as the child was pregnant.

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 Although it is incomprehensible what to say and what not to say when all the people are in conflict with the law, but it is certain that they will do their own thing and push towards hell


It is not appropriate to conduct misdemeanors by conducting seminars in primary schools to educate minors before sitting idly by in the face of incidents that tarnish humanity. It has become a matter of time to provide proper guidance. If this is not done, it will be difficult for daughters to get out of the house. Efforts should be made to eliminate mental disorders by making changes in the education system

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