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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Son kills father: Husband runs away with knife, wife refuses to give him gold nuggets

Son kills father: Husband runs away with knife, wife refuses to give him gold nuggets

  • The son, who was running to kill his mother with a knife, grabbed the knife and inflicted 9 wounds on the father.
  • The case of Shivajinagar near Chunarwad Chowk on Bhavnagar Road in the city
  • The middle-aged man often got into fights with his family members to get drunk

In Shivajinagar, on the outskirts of the city, a middle-aged man was stabbed to death by his own son with 19 stab wounds. The middle-aged man, who was intoxicated with alcohol, asked for gold nuggets as he did not have any money for the nuggets. The wife refused and gave him the nuggets. Police arrested the accused.

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Family members said he committed suicide during the preliminary interrogation

Rickshaw puller Rajubhai Ukabhai Makwana (45), a resident of Shivajinagar near Chunarwad, was rushed to hospital by his wife Gitaben and eldest son Ajay on Wednesday morning, but was pronounced dead by a doctor on duty. The victim's wife and son said in a preliminary police inquiry that Rajubhai Makwana had committed suicide by stabbing himself in the body.

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Rajubhai used to get drunk and fight with anyone in the house

Rajubhai, who was addicted to alcohol, used to get drunk and fight with anyone at home. Last night, he had a quarrel with his wife and this morning, while playing again, his son Rohit, who was enraged, stabbed him with a knife and slashed him. Earlier, the story of Rajubhai committing suicide by stabbing himself was told by his eldest son and his wife. 

But the police investigation revealed the murder of Rohit, the second son. Gitaben, the wife of the deceased, said that her husband Rajubhai had a habit of intoxication including alcohol for a long time. Intoxicated, they quarreled at home. Even last night, while intoxicated, he had headaches and fights with her. The latter played again this morning.

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Unbelieving the police, they started an investigation

Upon seeing the body, the police found the story to be false and a cross-examination of Gitaben and his son Ajay revealed that it was a case of murder. Gitaben Makwana had finally lodged a complaint against his younger son Rohit alias Matharo Raju Makwana over the murder. Raju Makwana, a native of Khalgunda in Chotila, lived in Shivajinagar with his wife, two sons and daughter and drove a rickshaw, police sources said. Raju Makwana had been intoxicated with alcohol for years, and used to fight with members of the household when he did not have money for intoxication.

His wife, who wanted gold earrings, refused and ran to kill Rajubhai with a knife

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On Tuesday night, Raju Makwana reached home drunk and beat up his wife Gitaben. On Wednesday morning, as he did not have money to get drunk, Raju asked for the gold earrings worn by his wife. Fearing that the agitated father Raju Makwana would kill the mother, his second son Rohit alias Matharo ran away and grabbed a knife from the father Raju and stabbed him to death with the same knife. Police arrested Rohit alias Mathara, accused in the murder, who will be arrested after Koro's report.


My father used to drink alcohol and marijuana: son of the deceased

"Our father Raju Makwana used to harass our mother from time to time," said Ajay Makwana, son of the deceased. Our father was addicted to alcohol and marijuana. Even early this morning, our father was arguing with our mother. At this point our father took a knife and ran to kill his mother. At this time, my brother Rohit Makwana grabbed my father's knife and killed him. A police convoy rushed to the spot as soon as the murder was reported.


 My brother was also detained and taken to the police station. According to police, both the deceased and the accused were driving a rickshaw to earn a living. Raju Makwana was addicted to alcohol and marijuana and often quarreled with his wife and sons over money. So for a long time even the family members themselves were fed up with the harassment of Raju Makwana.

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