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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Suicide: Corona Warriors nurse on duty in Navsari Civil traps suicide, family alleges harassment on duty

Suicide: Corona Warriors nurse on duty in Navsari Civil traps suicide, family alleges harassment on duty

A 28-year-old nurse's 5-page suicide note was seized by police

A nurse on duty at Navsari Civil Hospital as Corona Warriors has committed suicide. A 28-year-old nurse has committed suicide by eating traps at her home in Vijalpor. The family is in mourning over the suicide of Megha Rajendrabhai Acharya, a resident of Jalaraam Society in Vijalpor.

 Police have seized a five-page suicide note. Family members have accused her of torturing her while on duty at a civil hospital, and the family has decided not to accept the body until action is taken against those who forced her to commit suicide. The body is currently being kept at Navsari Civil Hospital for postmortem. Police are conducting further investigations into the entire suicide case.

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Committed suicide at night

A 28-year-old nurse living in Jalaraam Society in Vijalpor city has shortened her life by eating traps at her home. The deceased nurse was on duty as Corona Warriors at Navsari Civil Hospital. Acharya Megha Rajendrabhai was serving in Navsari Civil Hospital.

 Meanwhile, for some inexplicable reason, he wrote a 5-page suicide note at home and committed suicide late at night. Vijalpor police rushed to the spot on learning of the incident. The body has been brought to Navsari Civil Hospital for postmortem.

The family alleged

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The family members of Acharya Megha Rajendrabhai, a Corona Warriors nurse at Navsari Civil Hospital, alleged that Megha was constantly harassed while on duty, which led to her daughter committing suicide. We will not accept bodies until action is taken against those responsible for this suicide.

There was no pressure-the hospital

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Dr. Navsari Civil Hospital. "Sister Megha was doing a very good job," Shah said. Police are investigating his untimely death. There was no pressure at the hospital. Nurses and staff as well as doctors are also involved in Coro's operations. Duty kept changing. Weakoffs are also found according to rotation. 


With the decline in the number of patients, covid to non covid operations are now underway. Police are investigating the family's allegations. There was harmony in our staff. Doctor Shah also denied having any personal relationship with any of his doctors.

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