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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Suicide scorpion's aori co-operative society minister strangled to death by usurer's torture

Suicide due to usurper's harassment: '5 lakh at 10 per cent interest but pays Rs 45 lakh but collects Rs 25 lakh'

Police seized a suicide note and filed a case against the person who forced him to commit suicide

Sanghjibhai Naranbhai Lakhi, the minister of the co-operative society of Oli village of Vinchia, has shortened his life by hanging himself. Police rushed to the spot and found a suicide note from Sanghjibhai. 

In which Sanghjibhai took Rs 5 lakh from Bahadurbhai Apabhai of Vinchia at 10% interest and paid Rs 45 lakh interest. However, it has been mentioned that the usurper Bahadurbhai has taken this step by collecting more than Rs 25 lakh.

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Read the suicide note written by Sanghjibhai literally

"Therefore, I am writing to Sanghjibhai Naranbhai that I took Rs. 5 lakh 10 per cent interest from Bahadurbhai Apabhai Vinchhiyawala. He was paying them interest every year. I have paid them interest of Rs 45 lakh. Still wants Rs 25 lakh left. So I said if there is Rs 25 lakh left,

 then the interest he said is interest and I want money in two days otherwise we will kill. Such awe was threatening. This is why I am taking this step. There is no other reason. The members of the household have no knowledge of this which I assure you. So no one tells them. That's all I'm going to do. "

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Police shifted Sanghjibhai's body to Vinchia Hospital in PM

Sanghjibhai Naranbhai, the minister of the co-operative society, committed suicide by hanging himself. Upon learning of the incident, Scorpio PSI NH Joshi and staff rushed to the spot and shifted the body to Scorpio Hospital for PM.


 Police have seized a suicide note written by Sanghjibhai and recorded the statement of the family members. Police have registered a case against the usurer who forced him to commit suicide.

(Karsan Bamta, Atkot)

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