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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Suicide: Young woman strangled to death after being stabbed in the hand

Suicide: Young woman strangled to death after being stabbed in the hand

Adolescents, youths, adults and old people killed in 4 suicide incidents in Rajkot

Four more cases of suicide have come to light in the city. In which the young and the old have cut their throats for incomprehensible reasons and shortened their lives. In the other two incidents, old and young have committed suicide.

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In the first incident, a 17-year-old girl named Paru Govindbhai Vikani, a resident of Bhagwatipara, was found strangled and a team of 108 rushed to the spot. An investigation by the 108 team revealed that the girl had died.

 Upon learning of the incident, the staff of B Division Police Station, including Head Constable HJ Jogda, rushed to the spot. During the police investigation, the girl committed suicide by being trapped in an iron bar. Before committing suicide, the girl was found to have stabbed herself in the arm with a blade. The girl was seen hanging out when she went to the neighbour's house to fetch water.

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In another incident of suicide, a man named Kherusing Sankarin Ponth was strangled at Brahmaniapara-1 near Govindpara vegetable market in Sama Kantha area. The team of 108 declared the death of the middle-aged Nipajya. The middle-aged man who committed suicide in the B Division police investigation was originally from Orissa. 

Meanwhile, he had sent his wife and children home a year and a half ago to get his son married. On Monday, other workers living in the house saw Kherusingh hanging in the house. Police are conducting an investigation.

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 Ketan Bharatbhai Laiya, a resident of Rameshwar Park, Raiya Road, had taken an overdose of mental illness. He died on the way to the hospital. According to father Bharatbhai, Vachet's son Ket had completed his mechanical engineering studies out of the three sons.


 Ketan had been suffering from mental illness for the last five years and was undergoing treatment. Meanwhile, yesterday, he texted his youngest son on his mobile phone saying that he did not like himself and did not want to live. While Lakhabhai Kanabhai Kihor, who lives in Viratnagar-2 on Sahakar Main Road, has shortened his life due to illness.

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