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Monday, October 19, 2020

Surat: A quarrel broke out between cousins ​​who refused to lend money, a brother died after being kicked in the stomach

Surat: A quarrel broke out between cousins ​​who refused to lend money, a brother died after being kicked in the stomach

In a quarrel between the cousins, one of them was knocked to the ground, kicked in the stomach and beaten to death.

Surat: In general, people in Surat do not hesitate to commit serious crimes like murder. In Surat, murders are coming to light every day. A similar incident has happened again in Surat. Sachin GIDC ice factory rickshaw stand near a week ago in a quarrel between cousins ​​over borrowed money (two brother fight) knocked one to the ground and punched him in the stomach and punched him in the stomach on Sunday. Further investigation is underway.

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According to the information received, murders are continuously happening in Surat. Then the Sachin Police Book of Surat has been able to record one more murder. However, this time it has come to light that the brother had killed his brother in Deti while taking ordinary money.

On October 12, at 8 pm, Satyendra Balkaransinh God, who lives near a rickshaw stand near an ice factory in Sachin area of ​​Surat, demanded money from his cousin Komal Ramkaransingh Gowd. There was a quarrel between the two cousins ​​over it.

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However, as the quarrel escalated, a scuffle broke out between the two brothers. In which Satyendra Gowd fell to the ground and kicked and punched Komal Gowd's cousin in the abdomen which caused severe injury to him.

However, a local neighbor immediately rushed the youth to a nearby hospital for treatment. The young man was pronounced dead at the scene by a doctor on duty. However, the doctor immediately informed Sachin about the incident and the police rushed to the spot and registered a case and started investigation.


A police investigation revealed that he had died following his brother's beating. Thus, Sachin police have registered a case of murder and started searching for his brother and further investigation is underway.

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