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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Surat saw a boom before Diwali, Diwali vacation in diamond industry will be kept for 5 days

Boom: Surat saw a boom before Diwali, Diwali vacation in diamond industry will be kept for 5 days

The diamond units will throb again after the benefit fifth

The diamond market in Surat, which was closed for four months due to corona, has resumed. In this situation, the diamond industry is booming, which will keep the Diwali vacation in the diamond industry for only 5 days, said Dinesh Nawadia, regional head of the Gems and Jewelery Council of India and a well-known industrialist from Surat.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals

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Dinesh Nawadia said that for the polishing industry in Surat, the income of rough diamonds is very much needed. Traders themselves travel to South Africa, Canada, Brussels, Russia, Botswana or Dubai to buy these rough diamonds.

 Boom in diamond industry in Surat With the opening after four months of closure, the diamond market is good, there is also demand in the international market. As Diwali is approaching and also booming, the Diwali vacation will be for 5 days.

Vacation will be decided unanimously: President of the Diamond Association

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Nanubhai Vekaria, president of the Surat Diamond Association, said no decision has been taken yet. A decision will be made only after knowing everyone's opinion about how much vacation to have. Still throbbing after the factory lockdown. If everyone does not want to take a vacation, it will be done accordingly. Even so, the factory has been closed for a long time in the lockdown, so the decision to vacation will be taken unanimously.

The Sunday holiday also closed due to the rise in diamonds

All the factories in the diamond industry were shut down in the lockdown due to Corona. Then it was Unlock's turn to close again as the diamond factory opened and the case escalated. 

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Then after 4 months, according to Corona's guidelines, the market and the diamond factory were thriving again. However, cases of jewelers are still coming up. However, due to the rise in diamonds, Sunday holidays are not observed. While those who left their homeland due to Corona have also returned. Currently, the diamond industry of Surat is booming.

Increased demand for diamonds in the US, UK and China

The business of polished diamonds in India in August stood at Rs 9,000 crore as against Rs 11,000 crore last year. Thus, it can be said to be reduced by 20 per cent this year. 


While diamonds worth Rs 3,000 crore were exported in April, this is the biggest jump in the last four months. Exports of polished diamonds have recovered and demand has increased in the US, UK and China. Experts say export figures from October could be the same as last year.

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